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The Flyerwire: What it is, and why your P-32 needs it

Hi all.
One small drawback to the P-32 as a pocket pistol is a rare tendancy for it's ammo to "rimlock" in the magazine: in other words, during carry or loading, the rim of the top round slips behind the rim of the round beneath it, effectively locking the round in the magazine. It's a semi-rimmed round, not rimless like a .380.
I've had magazines with so many rounds locked together I'd have to disassemble the mag entirely before I could load it properly again.
This rarely happens, and doesn't happen at ALL with FMJ bullets; their overall length is such that the round is pretty much held in place by the mag, with no room for fore and aft movement.
JHPs, on the other hand, ARE subject to rimlock because they're invariably shorter, and CAN slide back and forth inside the mag.
Years ago I came up with a simple modification for the mag that completely eliminates the possibility of this problem, and it became known as the "Flyerwire". I thought I'd post the link to it's instructional page for anyone that might need it.
Just click here to see how it's done!
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Many thanks, Flyer.
I have had the rim lock problem a couple of times. The first time I could not get the top round out without tools. I am extremely careful now, but admit that I have some anxiety each time I carry it with HP.

I'll do the mod.

Thanks again,

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