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Carrying a P32

I often carry my P-32 loose in a sport coat pocket, or in the front pocket of slacks. Its light weight and compact size make it easy to carry.

I have hesitated in buying a leather pocket holster, due to their weight, but am interested in what some others might be using. Although I have a CCW permit, and can thus carry legally, sometimes he front pocket carry "prints" in an obvious manner, depending upon the pants.

Does anyone make a light weight kydex/plastic inside-the-pocket holster for the P-32?

Is there a better solution?
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For safety reasons, I will not carry any gun loose in a pocket and always use a pocket holster to protect the trigger from being snagged by the keys and other items that occasionally seem to find their way into the wrong pocket. A pocket holster also reduces printing, keeps the gun cleaner of lint and dirt, and keeps it properly oriented for drawing.

My Kel-Tec P-32 is carried in a soft Uncle Mike's pocket holster that cost me less than $10. It works well and has proven to be very durable.
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I concur with the holster advice. A while back in one of the gun magazines a writer was relating how his Keltec in his pocket without holster discharged somehow luckily avoiding any major injury except embarrassment.
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I do not like pocket carry. I have enough things to carry in my pants pockets and a gun takes one of them.

I personally am carrying my P32 in a Fobus paddle. It works well, and I like it due to the ease of removal.
I also have a couple of Ron Graham's holsters, IWB and OWB, and they are good holsters, but I prefer the Fobus unless I need the IWB because of the ease of putting it on and off. The P32 is so light and flat that an IWB is not uncomfortable.

If you can, try a Fobus paddle. In spite of the critics of that holster, I have used several for at least 4 years with a lot of use, and have had no problems with them either breaking or coming off with the gun as it is drawn.

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I carry mine in a kydex holster made by "stellar knife." It is very thin and small and works great. I can carry it in either front or rear pocket. If you can't find the holster post again and I will get further.
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If you like leather holsters I recommend R.J. Hedley's line.
They're absolutely the Rolls-Royce of pocket holsters, with a guarantee that can't be beaten.
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I too use an Uncle Mike's pocket holster that was modified to hold an extra magazine. I have wanted to upgrade to a leather one but this one has taken a lickin and is still tickin...and for under 12.00
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Fist #5 Kydex is a prettygood holster. Desantis makes a real nice fabric holster. However, the one I keep going back to is a Galco leather holster.
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I use a kydex pocket holster made by "Mach 2 Tactical." I found this holster on, and it cost me ~27.00 with shipping. The holster is well made, and unlike most kydex products I have seen, is light tan in color. I wear blue jeans the majority of the time, and my .32 conceals well in the holster. The one point that I don't like about pocket carry is that I have to wear my Emerson Commander somewhere other than my strong side pocket. Wearing both the pistol and the knife in the same pocket doesn't facilitate drawing either. The only other mode of carry I have for this pistol is an Uncle Mike's faux-suede plastic clip-on holster. I use this holster when I am in a "short and tank top environment," and no other practical method of carry is possible.
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My back up weapon while on duty is a P32, which, I just so happen to like to carry off duty due to its size. The best holster that I have found for my off duty carry is an Uncle Mike's inside the pants holster. No one can tell that your packin' and its right there at your side. Very comfortable, I forget its there sometimes.

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