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Your Kel-Tec is indeed a Browning design, which requires an enclosing slide to lock on to the barrel when in battery. Kel-Tecs are a great example of 'outside the box' thinking, to make a locked breech gun so small and light.
Open slide designs are either blowback (North American/Seecamp/Tomcat) or locked with a wedge under the barrel (Walther P-38 and the current Beretta 9-series service pistol), which is a different beast than a Browning barrel tipping system. The Walther barrel moves with the slide, but it moves in a straight line.
My current P-32 will occasionally bugger a bullet nose when I jack a round in the chamber, even tho' I've polished the feedramp. Your friend's Seecamp might well profit from the same treatment.
The Seecamp evolved from a .25 caliber design, and the original demand for Silvertips was because the slide throw wouldn't swallow a longer hardball round. A fringe benefit was a magazine too short for rimlock to occur. North American copied the basic design (there is no barrel movement in either gun); don't know why they don't use an ejector.
I will say my Guardian has run all the time; a last round left in the breech isn't a problem, for it clears when you put a fresh round in the chamber.
I have used Silvertips for carry in both guns, due to their strong showing on Sanow and Marshall's one shot stop index. I know there are flaws in their system, but they seem to have real world data showing the .32 Silvertip to be a pretty formidable round for a mousegun.
If you stay off Western Maryland bridges, you should have your Tomcat slide for a long time!
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why I thought it was locked breech

the reason I thought the Seecamp was locked breech was the diagram on the Seecamp patent. Maybe I'm reading the patent wrong or something or it isn't even the patent for the 32 pistol. But the diagrams show a barrel link and "lugs" on top of the barrel that fit in grooves on the slide when the breech is closed.
The patent is in .pdf for on this site.....
I'm going to post the diagram picture on the site under P32 is the best 32 thread. Wish I could post the picture here.
Let's discuss this more and see if I can clear my thinking. Look at the patent first. Then give me your thoughts.
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Wish I could respond and look at the diagram at the same time. (I also wish I had HALF of your computer skills!). It is my impression that the patent drawing is indeed issued to Seecamp, but the patent is on the double recoil spring (outer spring with a telescoping inner spring tube) that is used on a variety of automatic pistols. My Glock 36 has this arrangement. (While other guns, including the P-32/P3-AT, use inner and outer recoil springs, the patent drawing also shows an intervening tube between the springs, which is not found on the Kel-Tec.)
The patent drawing IS NOT of a Seecamp .32 Auto. Instead, it appears to be a Browning/1911 type, with swinging link to pull the barrel lug (there was only one...guess the gun in the drawing is a 3" .45). You will also note the barrel is not exposed, but is instead encased in the slide. Only the top of the slide is visible in the drawing; the near side wall is cut away for clarity.
I will try to access the other site you posted, but when you speculated that the gun in the drawing is not a Seecamp .32 Auto, you were entirely correct.
Some Seecamp owner could clear this up for sure, but I believe the barrel and frame are all one piece. This is absolutely true of the North American.

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