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I need insrcutions for cleaning the P32

Anyone know wehre I cound find an "online" assembly/cleaning guide?

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You can try http://www.1bad69.com/KelTec/index.htm , You can also try www.ktog.org , My site, www.ktrange.com has some information on it but overall my site is NOT that good. My site would be better if I did not fuss AND whine with people all the time. Would someone please give me some cheese to go with my WHINE.

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dude, WTF? Don't you have something better to do than go around and parade as someone else? Get a freakin' life :roll: So what, you got banned from the KTRange or something? Suck it up. Did you pay to join? No. Quit your bitchin' and go back to ktog.

On here, Flyer Airborne is the real deal. Don't believe anything this guy says. It seems as if he is the fussing whiney baby.

Disassembly of the P-32 is pretty easy, all you need to do is:

1. Unload the pistol.

2. Pull the slide back about a quarter of an inch, or you can have it locked back.

3. Take a screwdriver or an empty .32 casing and pull the pin with the large head out.

4. Slowly let the slide off the front of the frame.

5. Now take the spring guide off from the back, be careful as it could put an eye out if you're not careful. The bracket with the hole in it where the guide goes at the muzzle comes off, so be careful.

6. Now take out the barrel and run a patch with bore solvent, then a dry patch, repeat until the dry patch comes out clean. Then wipe off all the grit on the inner surfaces and squirt some oil on them, and put some grease on the hammer and slide rails.

7. Now put the barrel back in, and then put the spring and guide back in like they came out.

8. Put the slide back on the frame. Pull it back about a quarter of an inch and put the pin back in. You're done!


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