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"Agrip" for the Kel-Tec

Is anyone familar with (or used) a grip called the "Agrip" ( www.brookstactical.com ) ? They are now available in woodland camo colors. 8)

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I have the black A-Grip on my P32 and on a Kahr P9 Covert and really think these grips are a big asset on small pistols. They give an excellent grip without increasing the thickness of the gun and work well with wet or dry hands. On my P32, it actually covers the mag release, but it still works perfectly and I think is less likely to be pushed off accidently. Definitely a worthwhile investment, in my opinion. Be well.
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Is the A-Grip similar to the decal grips sold by Kahr.

I tried those and found my body heat was enough to allow the decal grips to loosen enought to move around.

This was on a PM9 carried IWB.

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