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Is Kimber considered a combat pistol or just a pretty range?

Is Kimber considered a combat pistol or just a pretty range gun?
I just dropped $1000 bucks on an ultra cdp II and a friend tells me the internal parts are junk and that he knows of no one that carries a Kimber for Self Defense because they are un-reliable.

The owner of the range tells me they are the most accurate 45 out of the box on the market; I don’t know who to believe now.

Thanks Dale
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LAPD SWAT, another couple dozen other real cops I know, some of the best firearms trainiers in the country and myself think they are a fair combat pistol.

I recommend the base guns every day as the best out of the box pistol available.

MIM parts aren't junk, they are perfectly suitable and reliable for the price point of the gun.

The range guy has it spot on. Your buddy is a little confused as to the facts.

Colt fan by birth, Kimber master Dealer for a reason and a 1911 snob 8)

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This may not seem very kind, but, your friend is stupid. Tacoma PD, LA SWAT, and many, many, individual shooters put faith in the gun.

Buy a another new Kimber and get a new friend.
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Hello. I may not be able to directly respond to your question, but having owned an "old" Kimber Custom Classic for years, the pistol's proven reliable and more accurate than I am.

I would trust my life to it and have.


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Thanks Guys for the input. Feeling better now.
Old 01-29-2003, 11:59 PM   #6
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I carry mine, it is the best fit pistol I own or have handled
it is wicked accurate and has run 650 rounds with out a hickup
sorry to say but your friend is a dweeb, it happens to all of us eventually
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Kimber Pistols

I purchased my Kimber 3 years ago. Other than one or two failures to feed when it came out of the box it has been flawlessly reliable. The FTFs were caused by crappy ammo, not from the weapon. My Kimber is used for self defense, IDPA competition, USPSA Limited 10 competition and just for having fun at the range. In 5 or 6 thousand rounds, I have worn out one extractor and a few recoil springs. Other than that, the original parts are still in the pistola. The second extractor was replaced with an Aftec about a year and a half ago, and the gun has been runnin like a champ. It will feed anything at this point. It doesn't matter, as long as the load has enough juice to cycle the slide, the pistol will feed it. Congratulations on your purchase. Good luck and Good shootin'.

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I bought my Kimber a few months ago and other than a few FTFs (Me limp wristing it), it has been an absolutely wonderful pistol.

I wouldn't want to drop it in the sand or the mud and expect it to work 100% after, but as an everyday carry piece, it is ideal.

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I have a Kimber Compact Stainless that is wonderful... A few FTF early, and a weak recoil spring recently, but after swapping that out, purrs like a kitten...
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I probably have about 1500-2000 rounds thru a custom classic with the only problem being my inability to keep my off hand thumb off of the slide release. Changed it to a Ed Brown with detent and have not had a hiccup in the last year. Got called to jury duty last year and every cop in the court (all county) packed a Kimber. I think your friend is probably a little jealous.

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