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My new duty Kimber.

Just wanted to pass this along.

2 weeks ago, I traded my well used and reliabe Glock 22 (.40 s&w) in on a brand new Kimber Stainless Target II. WOW!! This is my first 1911, and I will never carry another weapon on duty. The accuracy of the weapon makes me a better shooter, and I was pretty good to begin with. The only thing I have done to it was change the recoil spring to a Wolff 18.5 variable rate spring, change the firing pin spring to a Wolff xtra power, add Hogue wrap around grips, and Wilson Shok Buffs. The 18.5 recoil spring mates perfectly with my Speer Gold Dot 185gr duty ammo. Any other LEOs have reliability info or tips that they want to pass along? I would be very thankfull.
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I'm not an LEO, but I have tons of experience with 1911's. First, I would not use a shock buffer in a defensive weapon. They are fine on the range, but buffers do come apart and can tie up a gun. If you must use a buffer, use CP Bullets' shock buffer. They are much tougher and stand up to battering better than the other buffers, including Wilson's. Kimber uses lots of MIM parts, so do other 1911 manufacturers these days.

Watch for parts failure. The firing pin safety system has been known to fail, at least in some of the early runs of the Series II Kimber. S&W uses the same system and they recalled all of their guns and replaced the parts, Kimber has never recalled theirs.

The Extractor is most likely to be one of the first parts to fail unless it is an external design. Using MIM for an internal extractor usually does not work. The internal extractor is really a spring and the hardness of the MIM parts means that the extractor will lose tension and eventually break. The external extractor uses a coil spring and does not seem to have this problem.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. Kimbers are nice and the vast majority do not have problems, but I would ditch that buffer in half a heartbeat if my life depended upon this pistol.
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My duty pistol is a Don Williams early Series 70 Colt and now joined by a Yost - Bonitz Springfield (Yes, my chest is puffed out ) but I carry a 4" Kimber (with all MIM parts replaced) off duty. It is a great shooter.

I whole heartedly agree with all of what our friend stansdds said above. He might be a dentist and not a LEO, but he sure knows 1911's (check some of his other posts). I also replaced the thumb safety as these are also MIM and there were numerous reports, several years ago, of these snapping off. I haven't seen any posts lately about this and the Marine's Kimbers are reportedly holding up well, MIM parts included. By why run the risk with a duty gun?
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Thanks for all the input. My patrol Lt. has a Kimber 10mm that he uses on duty. Last week his MIM thumb safety broke off at the range. This plus yall's (Texas slang for you all!!) replies has prompted me to change out all MIM parts. I am impressed with the Shok Buff on the range, but after reading all the pros and cons about them, I think I will leave it out for duty.

PS-What a fine weapon. You carry it on duty? Should be in a display case for all to see! Keep your chest poked out. I will post a pic of my new "baby" when I figure out how to do it.
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And your patrol lieutenant carries a 10mm? He must be rather gun savy. Not saying the 10mm is for everyone, it isn't, but for those who have need for the 10mm and learn to use it, it is an impressive caliber.
Old 10-05-2004, 03:17 AM   #6
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He is gun savy, and savy to the usual ammo loads that he uses. His many Kimbers are probably the single most reason that I decided to ditch the plastic for duty. There again, Glocks are excellent guns, just not so excellent anymore for me.

10mm-hmmm, An interesting caliber that, from what I understand was designed for LE use, was introduced in 1983, and was able to launch a 10mm round at around 1200fps. Pretty fast. Heavy grain weight. I also believe that the .40 s&w beat it out in popularity, but, It seems that the last couple of years the 10mm has made a slight comeback. That's all I know about that. I have never had much to do with the 10mm, but I am planing on buying another Kimber in the next short while. I might go to the range with Lt.'s 10mm and launch a few down range to see if I like it. Do you have a 10mm stansdds?
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Colt Delta Elite stainless steel.
Old 10-07-2004, 04:57 AM   #8
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Hi Guys,

I am about to buy my first Kimber but I am hearing so many various problems with them if they are stock. If I go out and buy a stainless II, am I looking for trouble?
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After about 4 months off with some personal issues I am going to try again, this forum only. So hello again.
Compman, don't worry about what you have heard. I have access to several of the best custom 1911s in my collection for carry and I end up always choosing one of two Kimbers. A Tactical Custom II or a Pro Carry HD in 38Super. In fact the ProCarry is the single most accurate stock handgun I have ever owned. Nothing has been changed out on them. Both have over 2k rounds each as does my third KImber, an Eclipse Pro.
PAY ATTENTION to the Series II assembly/disassembly instruction though. If you dislike the MIM features, easy enough to change them. I will when a part breaks and that has not happened yet.

Chip, nice 1* my man! When do I get to shoot it?
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It's good to have you back Albert!

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