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Slide lock-up

I just purchased a Kimber SS TLE/RL, and per recommendations, was stripping it down for cleaning and oiling before use. I've removed the recoil spring and plug, and the slide stop. Got to the point where the manual says "Slide the slide assemby forward off the frame" and the slide locked up on me. Won't go froward or back. It's sitting there about an 1/8th of an inch forward of the frame, refusing to go anywhere. What have I done, and how do I fix it?
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I don't know, but it could be the barrel link has dropped down and is binding against the receiver. That happens in 1911's on a frequent basis and I always hold them so the link can't drop down. Might also be something with the Series II firing pin safety system. I don't have a pistol with the Swartz system, so I can't help you there.
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Well I managed to get the slide off, finished the disassembly, and cleaned and lubricated the gun. Now I'm trying to re-install the guide rod plug. I can't get the spring compressed enough to get the barrell bushing rotated back into place. It's almost like there's something behind the plug, forcing it out past the bushing. I can get it there almost, then no farther. This is my first experience with a 1911, is this normal? I'd hate to fight this thing every 150 rounds!
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Is the recoil spring installed on the guide rod correctly? Most recoil springs have a closed end, that is, one end has the coils wound to a smaller diameter to grip the guide rod. Make sure this tight end is on the guide rod and not facing the plug.
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Also if using a full length guide rod it has to be in line. If its off even a little it won't go on.

The easiest way to deal with this is to assemble the upper partially (insert the barrel and guide rod and the uncompressed recoil spring so it sticks out the front of the slide.

Then mount this onto the frame and put the slide lock pin in place to lock it together.

THEN do the spring compression and bushing assembly. Its MUCH easier with a full grip to hang onto and the link pin etc holding everything where it should be. Also a bushing wrench makes this process much easier also, even one of the cheap plastic ones.

Doing it this way I can easily assemble my 1911 with a 22 lb spring, when I used to struggle with a 16 lb spring off the frame

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