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Kimber Tac Pro II report and request for help!

About 4 months ago I purchased a new Tactical Pro II. I did not know much about Kimber but wanted a great 1911 for under a thousand. Cheaper then Dirt recommended the Tac Pro and I made an offer on their show case model at $900 and they took it.

I have been shooting on and off since I was a kid 50 years ago. After putting around 600+ rounds through the Tac Pro II, I can honestly say it is the finest handgun I ever owned. The busingless bull barrel, metrolite (SP?) sights and super trigger make for an amamzingly accurate over the counter 4" barrel auto pistol.

I see a lot of squawks on the board, but consider the gun is like a fine race car. Once you get it running right, look out! Running right means the gun is broken in after about 250 rounds, you use the right ammo (no Blazer) and magazines. This baby now hums flawless. Now for the self induced problem;

I wanted to take the mag well off to shorten the grip for concealed carry. First to see what was needed, I removed the main spring housing (MSH)(By the way, it is steel, not plastic as I expected). When I did, the grip safety freely rotated up thus exposing the leaf springs. I carfully put it all back together believing I could install an new main spring housing sans mag well as soon as I bought one.

Then I decided to take it apart agin to clean the "innards." This time, at some point, I cocked the hammer or I may have racked the slide, not sure. When I removed the MSH the grip safety did not rotate up and I cannot get to the 3 leaf springs to make sure they are properly installed.

Now, to make things worse, I thought it would help if I removed the slide. After removing the slide stop the slide will NOT come off the frame. It will only move about 1/2 inch for or aft. I suspect because the gun is cocked internally those two little pins near the back top of the frame are up and that restricts slide movement. Since the slide movement is restricted I cannot put the slide stop pin in as the barrel loop cannot be exposed

So, the trigger will not pull and the slide won't come off or go back on properly. I did mangae to put the MSH back on but do not believe the leaf springs are in the proper postion based on the action of the hammer.

My question is, how the heck do I get the slide off or the gun to release as the grip safety will no longer allow me to pull the trigger and release the hammer.

Honestly I will be surprised if anyone attempts to answer this post and I don't blame you.

I have seen the assembly and disassembly program that someone has a link too but it does little good. To complicate things the ambi thumb safety will not come off as you are supposed to take the slide off first. Man am I embarrassed but not as much as I will be when I get to the gunsmith!

Special Thanks to all read this.
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I have a 9mm tac pro that i got for 950 and i shot it 2000 times and it works well too. I am pleased and want one in 45 the same . kimber is good stuff.
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Take it to a gunsmith and have him look at what you have done. If mine ,I would have had the gunsmith do this to begin with.
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Actually changing out the main spring housing is real easy and may I suggest you order the replacement one from Kimber as theirs are properly fitted to drop in (in my experience).

PM me your email address and I'll send back attachment that will help you with many of your issues and in the email I will make some suggestions to free up the works.
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just box gun up, and send to kimber .explaining in detail your problem , i have sent 1 0mm back and they fixed . no problem they are good .I did not want to send mine back but, i did they were quick.

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