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Hey all,
I just came back from the range today.Took my Kimber Tactical Pro 2 & my Sig 226.The sig is fairly new ,only about 1200 rounds through it.No problems ,of coarse..
Now ,I know most people here whine about there Kimbers here,but that makes just over 3000 rounds through mine with only 1 hickup.That was my fault.I did'nt seat the mag fully 1 time & it did'nt feed.I droped the mag,droped the semi fed round & reinserted the mag properly & bang from there on..
I see a lot of people bash there Kimbers here ,but I for 1 am very pleased..I was worried at first just because it's a 1911 & I know there are reliabilaty problems inharantly.
After 3,000 rounds though.I'm ready to lay it by my bed in place of my Sig.It's just as reliable & fits my hand so much better.It's just a fantastic weapon..
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Re: Reliable

Have you owned many 1911s? Have you ever had any custom work done on a 1911? I have had several Kimbers and have worked on many. They have their problems just like any other maker. Most of the issues that I had was getting warranty work done. And with the mag followers dinging the hell out of my aluminum framed Ultra Carry II. You can get good ones. Does yours have the internal or external extractor? And have you had any issues with it at all? If it shoots accurately and goes back everytime there is not much more you need from it.


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