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Final adjustments Kimber Pro Carry II

Well, I broke one of my Cardinal rules, I worked on a new,Warrantied gun. I went ahead and tuned both the Extractor and the Ejector, polished the breechface and put in a Wolff XP spring. I notched and radiused the Extractor hook , put a 10-degree angle on the ejector so it would hit at the bottom then, I filed a 30 degree angle into the rightside.

Went to the range early this morning, had it all to myself and ran 150 rounds of my reloads through it without a hitch. The McCormick Match-Grade Mags with Wilson followers fed perfect too. Big surprise was the brass. all of it, 150 rounds, was in a three foot circle at 2 O'Clock about eight feet away!!!
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You did good. Keep an eye on that Series II safety. I have seen problems.
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Have the PC II also, with lots of rounds thru it and a few years, could you point me in the direction for more detailed info on what was involved.
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what is the best COL for 230 gr fmj rn bullets in a kimber pro carry 2? the hornady load manual calls for 1.230 however i have a problem with jams do you have any suggestions?

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hello Drill, i have mostly failures to eject brass will lodge between slide and frame the next round will not load and also gets jammed. at this point i have to eject the mag in order to clear jam. hollow points feed better but still have jams. any ideas?

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Drill's last post was in 2012.
Check the post dates on this site.
It went out of business some years ago then was brought back.
Many posts are very old.

If you're having problems ejecting with a 1911 type pistol, it's almost always a problem with the extractor.
Either the extractor doesn't have enough tension, it's "Clocking", or the hook or hook engagement is wrong.

Clocking is when the ejector is loose enough in the slide it rotates slightly.
This is usually caused by incorrect tension or a mis-fit firing pin stop.

Here's some good info on how to check and tune the extractor.
Notice the test of removing the slide then removing the barrel.
Put a LOADED round under the ejector and turn the slide upright.
Shake it and see if the round falls out. You don't want to shake it too hard.

Also note how to check for proper hook engagement with the case rim and how to radius the hook.

Extractor Tuning Tips

If you do the checks in that site, make sure it has enough tension, the extractor hook is not worn, damaged, or improperly altered, the hook is making correct engagement, that should fix any ejection issues.

For overall length of the cartridge shooting 230 grain ammo go with the specs in any loading manual.
Depending on the bullet shape that should be right.
What problems are you having with that?

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