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Well, I've finally decided to get some top quality mags (Wilson Combat) to go with my top quality Kimber Custom which is used for home defence and the joys of target shooting. Question is, which one should I get? Are any better that the next? I'm just looking for some replacement 7 rd mags but there are three different types of 7 rd mags available on their website, the 47 (.45 ACP 7rd, standard .350" base pad), 47C (.45 ACP 7rd, low profile steel base pad) and 47CB (.45 ACP 7rd, low profile steel base pad, Black). Are any one of these better than that other or are they all basically the same? Also, my 10 round McCormick Star has jammed up far too often for me to think about using. Is the Wilson 10 rd mag reliable as well? I spent the extra money to get a good pistol but in order for it to work, the rounds have to get into the chamber first so I'm asking for your opinions on a good mag. Please help me to make my Kimber an even better weapon than it already is.
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Old 09-29-2001, 06:55 AM   #2
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I have a Wilson 10 round which has been in several diffferent 1911's, and has never cuased a jam. On the other hand, it sticks out the bottom in a very annoying way!

I use Wilson's exclusively, except for practice, and I prefer the eight round mags. I change the springs and folowers every couple of years.

My only mag related problem has been with one slide release, which failed to keep the slide open with a couple of Wilson's, but worked with all other mags. I kept the mags, changed the slide release.
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I just had a conversation about this with the owner of Wolff Spring Company. He stated that if you shoot thousands of rounds a year the 7 round magazines are going to be the most reliable. He does not recommend any 8 round magazines because if you shoot enough they will start to fail. FBI SWAT teams are having problems with their 8 rounders and are now using Metalform 7 rounders with his springs.

My Wilson 8 rounders are starting to have problems locking the slide back after 5,000 rounds, while my stock Kimber 7 rounders still work flawlessly despite their reputation.
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Hello. I'm certainly not as well versed in magazines and the 1911s as many of the 'smiths and shooters here, but in my personal experience, the following has proven true:

* Some of my eight-round magazines are reliable in some of my 1911s, but not all.

* All of my 7-rnd magazines are reliable in all of my 1911s.

I shoot with a friend who is a 1911 fiend and he is always tinkering with his Baer, Wilson, etc 8-rnd magazines. He has a few that work perfectly all the time and reserves them for duty. Most of the time, I see at least one failure to lock the slide back when empty with his Baers and he understands and maintains his pistols.

For anything serious, my forty-five would be loaded with a total of 8 rnds using a Wilson 7-rnd magazine. (Or, one of the old Randall's.) Others may disagree and that's fine, but such has been what I've seen and what I personally will go by.

Best and good shooting.

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Well, I ordered 2 standard #47 7 rd clips and a 10 rounder from the Wilson website. I'll let you know how they perform at the range when I recieve them. My old ten rounder failed somewhat regularly and the 7 rd mags that came with the Kimber have only failed a couple times but if my well being and defence is on the line, I don't need one of those "only a couple times" to happen so this is why I'm getting the Wilsons. I'll still keep all my clips and use them at the range but as far as self defence is concerned, the Wilson mags will be loaded and ready. Hopefully, like any insurance, the need won't arrive but you never know.
Old 10-01-2001, 04:39 PM   #6
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The Wilson 7-rounders would not trip the stock slide release on my wife's Kimber, so I replaced it and now all mags work.
Old 10-05-2001, 09:17 AM   #7
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Actually, I've had the best luck with my Metalform 7 rounders, with the Wolff extra power springs.
I recently got 2 Wilson 7 rounders (to replace the 8 rounders that I've been having problems with). One of those 7 rounders work perfectly, but the other one is behaving strangely. Sometimes, after shooting a round, while ejecting the spent casing as the slide travels back, the mag will spit out the top round before the extractor has a chance to pick it up. Basically, it ejects the top round too soon. Anyone hear of this?
Old 10-09-2001, 11:51 PM   #8
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I just got my new Wilson Combat mags in the mail today!!! Would've got them yesterday if it weren't for some guy named Columbus, haha!!! I'll let you know how they work in the VERY near future. Like by tomorrow......if I get off work in time to go to the range that is!!!
Old 10-10-2001, 02:43 AM   #9
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After reading posts regarding 7-round and 8-round magazine reliability, I'll add this.

I've never had a failure to feed or lock back on empty in a gun set up to run properly. Talking about 6 different 1911's (5-.45's and a .38 Super) over 20 years.
I'm sure the 7-round mags are great, but I have no complaints about the Wilson or McCormick 8-rounders.
For what it's worth. :smile:
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I have been using both 7 and 8 round mags for as long as I have owned my 1911s. I also use a 7 round mag for my Kimber Compact. But, only Wilson mags!! They are the absolute only one that I feel comfortable with.

I have yet to have problem(malfunction) that I thought was due to the mag I was using at the time. Both versions seem to work great for me. And, I think that if you will ask the folks at Wilson's, they will tell you they use the 8 round mags everyday. I have heard that from a few of the people there myself.

I think the most important thing is that you use QUALITY mags!!

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