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Virtuosity 04-23-2002 03:07 PM

I have been looking for a full-size 1911 and I've come across these two models as their respective manufacturer's best. I understand that the Kimber is guaranteed a 3" group at 50yrds. I haven't been able to find accuracy statistics on the Springfield. Can some one please help me with the pros and cons of these two guns? My primary concern is accuracy and I will be using this gun for match shooting.

rocknrollrjm 04-23-2002 08:32 PM

I think that most would agree that the Kimber would be the choice between the two. One of the guys at the custom shop told me that the Supermatch has a 3" gaur. at 50 yds but that the custom shop really doesn't like to ship one if it doesn't shoot closer to 1.5" to 2" at 50yds.

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