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Mag na porting a home defense auto...........

I am seriously considering having my Kimber .45 (Poly Pro Carry), Mag-Na-Ported just in case I may ever need a fast follow up shop to defend my life and property. Since this is the gun that rests next to my bed at night, then of course this will be the gun that I use in case I need it. I have considered most every angle of the pros and cons of having this done, but I would like some input from other gun owners too. Since I have never fired a Mag-Na-Ported weapon at night, the question I have is, Does a Mag-Na-Ported firearm cause more of a blinding flash from the gases shooting out of the ports, thus in effect causing a second shot to be almost useless anyway since you can't even see due to temporary blindness???
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I can't speak to the increase or decrease of flash from the ports (probably ammo dependent), but I'd be most concerned with the blast from the ports...the gas from them is moving at very high velocity and can cause some serious damage to any flesh that's in the way. If you have to fire from a close retention position, that gas is going right in your face.
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I just finished a handgun course where we did quite a lot of night shooting. The only ported gun was a Glock with factory porting- nicknamed the Volcano Gun. It posed the shooter no problem and in fact he did not notice the increased muzzle flash until someone else shot the gun. It is a very valid point to consider if you ever shoot from a close retention position.
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In a conversation about this subject, I was told that of course to avoid this jet burn to the face or other part of the body, one could turn the ports away from you. But, if you are in a life or death situation, which, thank God I have never been in, I don't think you are really going to have a chance to think about, " Well, if I turn the gun this way then..............." Most of the shooting I have done is straight arm shooting, w/ a two hand hold position. I did some close retention shooting when I qualified for my carry permit and other times just for "fun". When I think about my initial question, "Will a Mag-Na- Ported gun assist you in a fire fight when abruptly awakened in the middle of the night, w/ an intruder standing over you while lying in bed half asleep, the most important shot you make will be the FIRST shot!.............if you are fortunate enough to even do that.
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Not to mention if your lucky enough to survive the encounter you will probably have permanent hearing damage long term and short term you may not be able to hear the intruders buddy running down the hall.
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Originally Posted by slidelock1
Not to mention if your lucky enough to survive the encounter you will probably have permanent hearing damage long term and short term you may not be able to hear the intruders buddy running down the hall.
And as if all that isn't bad enough, I doubt the 45 has adequate pressure to make the ports work much anyway. Sounds like a bad idea.
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Yeah, I'll second that opinion on the effectiveness of porting on a .45. I've fired a Sig P220 that was Magnaported side-by-side with an unported one. I didn't notice that much difference. I think the money would be better spent on practice amm.

A compensator works better with a higher pressure cartridge.
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Hi piperonthetrail
Here is my two cents worth!
I never entertained the idea of a ported or compensated pistol for carry but I did talk Bob Cogan of APW and got one hell of an education. I had initially contacted Bob to ask him a question on plating but got around to talking about compensated guns. If you are serious about a ported or compensated gun I suggest you give him a call at 727 796-5583 or visit his website at Bob does a modification that puts a compensator on the gun without adding additional lenght to your slide. He can also tell you a great deal about shooting at night and how it will affect your night vision.
If you contact him please say hello to him for me.
Good luck with your endavors.
Best regards,
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I would like to thank everyone for their input and I will continue checking this page for any comments made in the future. As of this writing, the gun works fine just as it is..........sure don't want to screw up a good thing! Thanks again!
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In my experience, both the benefits and drawbacks of ported pistols tend to be grossly exaggerated. I've fired a Glock 20C with factory porting and a 6" barrel Mag-Na-Ported at the end, and the porting really doesn't do much IMHO, good or bad. And if hot 10mm doesn't get much out of them, I'm guessing that ..45 ACP at muchlower pressures will do even less. Compensators are different animals, and can have a big effect on muzzle flip and felt recoil. I've also heard that porting can make a big difference when using short-barreld magnum revolvers, but I don't have any personal experience with that.

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