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help! my kimber is jamming!

i have a classic stainless target full size 45 acp i bought 1.5 yrs ago. the slide hangs up on the disconnector pin ocasionally. it's seems the slide will not knock the disconnetor down every time. at first i thought is was the ammo not going up the ramp, but when the gun jams, the round is not even at the ramp cause the slide has not pushed it up to the ramp yet . today it happened about 4 times. has anybody had this problem? 865 dollar pistols should not jam........ thanks .....and please reply........
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by the way.........i think i have put about 350 rnds through it. also i have to shoot it pretty wet. (slide and outside of barrel well oiled) do you think it just needs a bunch more rnds through it , or does it need that beveled portion of the slide where it starts to contact the disconnector pin polished.....
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Hi flyinfish -

A couple of thoughts, here (so THAT'S why I have a headache; not used to it )

Is the pistol well cleaned? No crug clogging anything up? It's possible that the disconnector tunnel has a bit of junk in it. Usually, when I detail strip the pistol, after I've cleaned and wiped all the internals, I will put a bit of oil on my fingers and oil the internals that way. Just a light film will do the trick. Too much and you end up with a crud-magnet.

So, my suggestion is first, detail strip the pistol and make sure everything is clean. Then, LIGHTLY oil everything. John Caradimas' website has a good instruction page on detail stripping the 1911.

Disassembly instructions here

Wilson Combat also has a good videotape on disassembly and cleaning:

Cleaning Video

Or, online instructions here:

Online instructions from Bob Tuley's website
Hope this helps
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Kimber keeps on jamming

Have a gunsmith check the disconnector tunnel. I have found some to be a bit undersized and this causes the disconnector to stick. It's simple as passing the correct reamer thru the hole.

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more info to "help my kimber is jamming"

there is a beveled edge on the bottom of the bolt face (on the slide) that knocks down the disconnector pin when the slide goes forward. however, the disconnector pin sticks up higher than the bevel so that the flat part on the front of the bolt face smacks into the pin instead of the beveled portion riding over and depressing the pin. has anybody had this happen? although the pin itself is beveled, it would make more sense to me that 2 beveled edges i.e. boltface and pin would depress the pin better than a flat surface running into a beveled surface. with all that said , has anybody here ground/polished the bevel on the slide at the bottom of the boltface? thanks
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help my Kimber is jamming

Have someone that knows , check the length of your disconnector. The problem may be that it is too long. If you have access to another disconnector, you might try swapping the parts to see if this is the problem. If nothing changes, then you might have a frame which is out of "spec".


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