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Backup Weapon

I have a few LEO friends and I hear them argue about what they prefer for their on duty backup .. Some like the semi and some like a revolver ..Please chime in..Please include calibre in your choice..
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O.K....I'll chime in.

I prefer a S&W 642 revolver in .38 special+P.

It is light weight but not as punishing to shoot or picky about ammo or cleaning procedures as the titanium cylinder models.

I have absolute confidence in the ability of a .38 special to end the fight when used as an "ear, nose, and throat" gun.

Not it's intended purpose as a backup gun, but all 3 of my 642's are accurate enough to plink at empty shotgun shell cases at 15 yards.

The closed frame of the DAO design helps keep crud out of the action and makes for a snag-free draw.

I prefer the small revolver over the small semiautomatic pistol because I believe it's easier to hang onto in a fight and less likely to malfunction if I have to fire it while the muzzle is in full contact with the target.

I'm not concerned about carrying a reload for my backup or magazine compatability with my duty weapon. This is a personal choice and I respect those who may have a different opinion.

YMMV, but I've tried a few different guns in this role and found the 642 works best for me.

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I carried a Colt Cobra for 20 years as a BUG. When it went out of time, I sold it and replaced it with a Taurus Model 85, until it blew up on me. Taurus replaced the gun(s) because I had trouble with them.

When the last replacement Taurus arrived, I immediately traded it for a Smith 649. It was my BUG for about a year. When I retired, it became my primary until I bought the "beast", a Smith 340SC.

The "beast" is now my always gun. It kicks like a mule but it carries very easily,

Old 08-30-2004, 06:14 AM   #4
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G27. Plenty of firepower and takes the same mags as my G22.
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I do like the fight ability of a revolver in and fist fight shooting but I still like the compatibility of a semi being the same caliber and configuration of the duty weapon. I have recently changed to the Glock 22 for duty from a 21 because I wanted the backup to be the same caliber and I choose the 23 as a backup and it is comfortable enough. It is big enough and small enough for this purpose and I also have the last ditch weapon to bug out with and it is a sub 38 special S&W. You will know it is bad, I mean real bad if that weapon is drawn and fired! I had, well I should say have a very good firearms instructor and he has beat into our heads to bring enough gun and enough guns for any fight, one gun is no gun and two guns are one and so on. I had to work on it but I made a comfortable fit for all three weapons and they do not get in my way even when I am putting someone on the asphalt. 8)
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My backup is a Colt Defender. The 3" 1911 rides nice either on the ankle or against the vest. In a pinch, being able to reload using the full-size mags for my primary, a Kimber 5" 1911, is reassuring.

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