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I'll be testing for both the local PD and Sheriff's department in the near future. Now both departments gives you a allowance for you're personal duty weapon. Once you purchase it it's you're weapon and not the departments. The only weapon issued is a shotgun with 00 buck. They do not authorize patrol rifles either.

Given the choice between the 45ACP, 357 Sig and 40S&W what one would you chose for you're duty weapon and what ammo would you pick when you have total choice of weapon and ammo?

Personally I'm leaning towards the 357sig in a Glock 31 since the 1911 is not approved for duty use. From everything I've read the 357 sig is a extremly flat shooting cartridge, has excellent barrior penatration along with a rather high Marsall OSS ratting and if needed (last ditch emergency)can shoot out to 100 yds (since no patrol rifle is authorized)

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We do not allow the .357 sig. Texas DPS loves them because they shoot through cars. Most of their shootings occur around motor vehicles. The original Speer Gold Dot loading will go through all kinds of things. They do not expand well in people. We allow 9mm, .40 and .45. I carry a .40 most of the time. I am fortunate to be allowed to carry my STI. It has 20 rd mags. I should be able to hold my own til I can get to my trunk and get my AR.
I think the .40 is a pretty good compromise between the high cap 9's and the big bore .45's. I advise all of my cadets to get the biggest caliber they can shoot WELL.
I have a problem with Glock's "safe trigger". It seems that it is anything but safe. The local PD (1000+ officers) has about 2 reported AD's a month. In 1999 they shot 3 people "accidentally", 2 died. In all 3 incidents glocks were used.
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I like both the .40 S&W and in particular the .45acp. My choice of weapons are either a Kimber 1911 or a Glock 21 for my duty weapon. I have a Glock 22 in .40 caliber and its never malfunctioned and it gives you 16 rounds of ammo, in a rust proof package with night sights. It's a hard combination to beat and .40's are becoming very popular in Law Enforcement.


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