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slide lock problem

Fellow 1911 shooters. I have a caspian 1911 with a cammander slide. It has A nolan barrel, and I am using a #14lb spring.
The firearm is a 40S&W. I am using 9rd 10mm mags. The load I am using is 155gr jacketed mixed brass 3.8 of titegroup, loaded out to 1.170.
The problem I'm having. Load the mag with 9rds, one in the tube, shoot 9rds and the gun goes into slidelock leaving one round in the mag. these mags are metalform.
Only one of the four 9rd mags will go into slidelock emtying the firearm and that is intermitent. Any ideas? thanks MX3
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Premature Slidelock

Howdy MX3,

Does the slide stop fully engage, or does it get into the notch just a

These things are usually caused by the bullet ogive nudging the
slide stop lug as the round rises in the magazine. The other less likely
reason is that the slide stop is engaging under inertia, or you are touching it with your weak-hand thumb and causing it to move. To test it, try firing
the gun with one hand and see if it repeats.

To check for bullet contact, remove the top-end of the pistol and
replace the slide stop as it would be if the gun were assembled.
Put one round in a magazine and push it in the magwell slowly, all the way to lock while usig a flashlight to see if it touches the slide stop lug, and
where it touches. If contact is noted, you can relieve that area with a
smooth mill file. Easy does it. Take a cut and re-check. The cut is
usually only needed on the rear angle of the lug, and usually no more than
3 or four thousandths.

The last thing to check for is to see if the left side of the magazine is
making any contact with the lug. I've seen this a couple of times, and is
due to tolerance stacking the wrong way. Push an empty magazine in
and look closely whiletrying to move the magazine back and forth. If
the magazine touches the lug, relieve the side of the magazine a little
in the area of contact. SInce your problem is intermittent, this may
be where your bug is.

Good luck.


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