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what is your opinion on the new loaded Springfield Armory Champion in .45 blued/stainless? I would like to purchase this as a daily carry weapon. Will your reliability [email protected] $199 offered on your website help improve function and what else do you reccomend? Would like to spend no more than $300 over cost of pistol for this. I respect your opinion. Aloha from Hawaii!
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Aloha :grin:

The Springfield guns are great out of the box, a little sharp maybe but nice guns either way for the money.

A lot of folks ask me to do work on perfectly good guns. To be hionest "if it aint broke there is no reason for me to fix it" :smile:

Buy it, shoot it a couple of hundred or 500 rounds. If you are having problems at that point I suspect a reliabiltiy package will fix it. Be happy to do the work if you need it.

Remember, good mags, good ammo makes a reliable gun.

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On 2001-06-15 12:54, Dane Burns wrote:
Remember, good mags, good ammo makes a reliable gun.
What he said :grin: Like Dane needs 'backup' :wink:

And GOOD mags are not necessarily the ones that come from Springfield, :grin: although many have found them to work okay. Just consider what Dane includes with any of his 'house' guns, there's a reason so many of us use Wilson's :wink:

Aloooohaaaaa Brudahhh :wink:

You like go down ta Purl Citeee to buy you guns brahhhh :wink:

Gawdddd... Gotta love it... I miss Oahu... Spent 3 years stationed at Barber's in the 80's, and was born in the BIG Pink hospital on da hill (at Tripler) :grin:

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Thanks Dane and jaydee! Howzit jaydee. Actually there is no place to buy guns in Pearl City, however, in Mapunapuna where I work, there is a gun shop Young Guns. They're pretty good but prices on high side.

There's only about less than 10 shops to purchase guns here on Oahu.

Regarding S.A., willing to give Springfield another try after being dissapointed with a 1995 1911a-1. Tried a new Loaded. I like it.

Aloha and mahalo!
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Ehhhh Bobbehhhhh... Howzit Brudahhh :wink:

Longtime-go, usta-be dis-place, down-der li-dat, in Purl Cit-teeee, you-know, Da-Kiiinee Li-dat ova-der... we like buy guns der Brahhh... :grin:

Damn! It's been like 15 years since I was there... Every now-n-then, I miss it... I was in UT a few weeks back, and My brother-in-laws sister, and her husband did a Kailuha Pig for dis pahtee dey had... You know... ina-grouwn li-dat. Dis Sister's ole-man, he's one big Samoan Dude... Maaann... Dat Pig was AWEsome... Itz been sooo long!

LaterZ Brah :grin:

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