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Originally Posted by stevieb View Post
Has anyone used the pro mags? I hear they are alot trouble..Thinking of buying a couple of 14 rounders for my para 14
In general that brand is crap. They make a bunch of things that never work right, and few items that work decently for a short time.
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Thank you very much...i wont buy them then.
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Send a PM to JohnnieT. He is the intergalactic expert on 1911 Mags. All his postings combined on 1911 forum and M1911A1, if combined would make a serious book. One manufacturer would not send their mags to market until JohnnieT put his hoofprint of approval on it.

Find out who makes Colt's mags (c), (m) or (o).
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Meg gar or wilson

I like the Wilson mags a lot and prefer them. I must say that meg gar mags are every bit as reliable for less money. My S&W came with Meg gar mags and STI single stack mags are meg gar too. Shooters connection has STI branded meg gar mags for a rediculously low price of around $13 each. McCormick mags are reliable for feeding but I will no longer use them for USPSA because when doing a tactical reload they often fail to fall free. The top round seems to work itself forward far enough that the mag won't fall free. I don't have this problem with Meg Gar or wilson. If you are shooting them dry the McCormacks are just as reliable for me. For price and reliability you can't beat STImags from shooters connection. Again they are just MegGars rebranded as are S& W and many others
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Shoot your Valtro with the mags supplied. Your results may vary from internet chatter. Nothing magic, they work or won't work.

These are either checkmate or Metalform. Either will work very well. Yes, you want 7 round mags.

1911 Gov't 45acp 7rd Stainless Mag New Colt Factory
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Which magazines do I prefer to carry in the pistol if my life depends on it workin'?

Risdon. General Shaver. MS Little. Scovill. Unmarked WW2 magazines were manufactured by Colt, but it takes a learned eye to spot a fake.

The post Vietnam Check Mate magazines are also pretty much good to go, assuming good springs and no damage to the tubes in all the above.

On the downside, the really good ones are gettin' hard to come by and are fairly pricey when ya can find'em. I got mine when the show tables were lousy with'em...still in the original wrappers...and cost about 3 bucks a copy.

Don't hate me.


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CMC 8rd. Powermags.
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Originally Posted by pistolwrench View Post
CMC 8rd. Powermags.
Me too. After thousands of rounds through the Chip McCormick mags in PPC, I've never had a problem.

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