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Star PD

I need some informed opinions about a STAR PD. Is it a good gun for carry? I've read where it is prone to breakage because of the alloy frame. There is one for bid on Gunbroker for 439. It looks in perfect shapeand I am wondering if it is a good buy. I'd like something light and small in 45 ACP. but don't want to spend 7 to 800 dollars for a Defender or Officers ACP. Need help! Thanks to all who respond.
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I see those going for considerably less when they pop up locally at shows and such. And not to sound glib, but you will either get one that works, or one that cannot be made to work. Not much middle ground from what I've observed.
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I've owned one for 30 years, never regretted it. It has been very reliable.
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Consider a used Sig 220. I paid 400 for one that was very lightly used and is a pleasure to shoot.
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Question is about Star pistols.....I can't give You an answer....I haven't owned enough Stars....I would only be repeatein' What others have said about the Star.

Lite and Small,Well Maybe.......An Army Sargent left His alloy frame Officers model here ,wanted a lot done to the pistol. Few weeks an several hundred dollars later the pistol left here, I did put a lot of rounds thru it. .......... Small and lite is good for carry..... Shootin' is a different matter....With G.I. ball from the leather I can do Bill drills around 1.5 seconds, with A zone hits usein' a Fullsize or Commander frame 1911....With the Lite weight Officers pistol, Maybe a 5.1 second Bill drill. Splits with a fullsize pistol .15 to .2 of a second......Lite weight .5 or more

Bill Caldwell
Old 02-26-2008, 11:52 PM   #6
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Guess I'll have to be the odd man out on this one. I think the Star PD and BM pistols are very good for what they were intended to be. Small, light, portable personal defense pistols that you're more likely to carry than a larger, heavier weapon.

Every one that I've had my hands on have been reliable and as accurate as they need to be. The thumb safety positively blocks the hammer, making it a little less prickly for those who aren't convinced that cocked and locked carry is safe enough with a 1911.

No, they won't stand up to a lot of hard use, and they won't be a threat to anyone on a USPSA/IDPA/IPSC course, and they probably won't let you get fast hits from the leather with .2 splits...but like Jeff Cooper noted when talking about the Officer's Model class of 1911 pistols:

"Not meant for the target range, they're designed for a singular purpose, and they're all business. Match accuracy isn't a concern at the distances that they're normally used. Across a tabletop, one doesn't need to be a virtuoso."

In the snub-nose .38s and the old Charter .44 Bulldog...The Star is a belly gun. Its purpose is last-ditch, up close and personal, powder burnin', savin' ol' skinny.

Keep it rreasonably clean and be familiar with the manual of arms...and the Star will get a body home with the wife and kids instead of a date with the county coroner.

Just my tuppence worth...
Old 02-27-2008, 06:34 AM   #7
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John.....I'm not goin' to disagree with Your post.....But.....Tactics is good ( as in lite versus heavy, short versus long, thick versus thin, close versus distance, so on) up untill the shootin' starts......At that point in time, FOR ME TACTICS GO TO HELL.......I DEMAND A PISTOL THAT IS ABSOULTLY RELIABLE, VERY ACCURATE, AND ONE I CAN DO .15 TO .2 SPLITS WITH. Some speak of pistol range... For Me that is 8 out of 10 in the lower A zone at 100 yds, for ELMER KEITH it was a deer at 400 yds,......Recently after one of Our matches I was debatein' this with a Col.....I called Him Col. Hollywood, He's a SALTY HAND either of Us would have liked Soldierin' under. His thinkin' is if the threat is very far away, use the pistol to fight You way to Your rifle....NOW VERY FAR AWAY DEPENDS ON MANY THINGS, NOT THE LEAST OF IS ACCURACY, IN MOST CASES ACCURACY DEPENDS ON WEIGHT, LENGTH, AND SHOOTER SKILL. As You know " plan for the worst" (SMALL AND DISTANT ) "Hope for the best" (CLOSE AND BIG )

By the way John....When We made Our way around Your area......To the cafes.....Some of the not so safe places.....Climbin' Mt Pilot.....Was that a fullsize 1911 from the early TEENS You were carryin'

Bill Caldwell
Old 02-27-2008, 12:59 PM   #8
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Bill wondered:

Was that a fullsize 1911 from the early TEENS You were carryin' ?
Nope. From the mid-40s.

I carry either a fullsized pistol in dead stock or nearly stock form...or an early Combat Commander. Once in a while I carry a LW Commander...but I'm a hardass and set in my ways. I've also carried a M-37 Smith on occasion and felt...comfortable enough at the time.

Not everybody is a dedicated as we are, though. To many folks, carryin' a 40-ounce pistol gets to be a does for me sometimes...and then it won't be long until they figger that they ain't gonna need it and leave it at home or tucked under a car seat. I tend to take the position that the best gun for defense is the one that you have with you...and the best one to carry is the one that you WILL carry...every day...because the 2-shoot High Standard .22 Magnum derringer in your pocket beats the .357 Magnum at home in the drawer if the Wolf comes callin'.

Back to the Star BM/PD series pistols. Smaller and lighter than a Colt LW Commander...chambered for a serious cartridge...and highly likely to be along for the ride with people for whom a larger pistol would be uncomfortable. A nice little package, IMHO.

The nice elderly couple who were beaten to death back in the fall up in the Pisgah NF, and left to rot on the ground...almost skeletons by the time they were found. If the old gentleman had dropped a 9mm Star in his coat pocket before they hit the trail, they might coulda had Thanksgiving dinner with their grandchildren...instead of bein' entrees for the Coyotes and the crows in those mountains.

Just somethin' ta chew on...
Old 02-28-2008, 07:51 AM   #9
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Movin' on...

That a pistol is unsuited for IDPA matches and playing Sunday afternoon games of "Let's Pretend" doesn't eliminate it for the purposes of personal protection. In fact...not being suitable for the action matches may even make it more suitable for the real-world role.

There are no large sights or oversized thumb safeties to snag on clothing. It's small and light enough to carry all day comfortably in a decent IWB rig...or in a back pocket...inexpensive enough so that you can have two...and the manual of arms is nearly identical to the 1911.

I like the Star pistols. Wish they were still in production in their original format. No silly firing pin silly ducktails and such...just a simple, portable, reliable utilitarian pistol chambered for a good cartridge at a decent price. The biggest drawback to the Star pistol is that it's been out of production long enough that normal maintenence items are getting hard to find...specifically recoil springs. Fortunately, we can occasionally find one that hasn't been shot to death.

IMHO, the Star BM platform would be an ideal home for what appears to be the ill-conceived .45 GAP cartridge. Slightly smaller than the PD, the grip frame dimensions are workable, and it would require very little adjustment to the slide and barrel specs to accept the round, and ...assuming no unnecessary bells and whistles...I'd buy one or two in a Carolina heartbeat.
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S&W 39/59 series recoil springs can be cut to length for BM/BKMs.

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