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Hello Johnny - I'm glad that you posted the above, because it blows all the error-net rumors to Hell.

Take care Johnny - and I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
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Thanks, Bob.

I've always maintained that the 1911 ain't exactly a Swiss watch, and I've become unpopular in certain circles by pointing out things like that...but I'll keep on keepin' on just the same.

Part of that comes from the way I look at a 1911 pistol. I don't see a fancy custom gun or a minute of paper puncher. To me, it's a weapon pure and simple. A broadhead ax...not a surgeon's scalpel.
A tool that we drag through the mud and the blood and the beer...not a protected, pampered heirloom. If one of mine gets skinned up in the course of the day, I'd probably have a hard time tellin' the new skint part from the old skint parts.

And I can't see it (the pistol) any other way, no matter how hard I try.

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Reliable feeding

I own over a dozen 1911s and although most will feed HPs fine I never trust any 1911 to feed anything but round nose when reliability has to be 100%. My carry gun is a pre 70 series commander that will not feed anything but ball ammo. For single stack USPSA class I shoot a custom built caspian that feeds anything 99.999% of the time but I don't trust anything but 100%. In my experience I've never seen a 45 hp expand anyway and see it as a nonissue. I am more than confident in a 230 gr load that no one is going to require a second shot if I ever had to use it for self defense. My carry ammo is carbon match 230rn .
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I have been very lucky with my 1911s, the only one that I had issues with was a new Dan Wesson V-Bob. I was told that it was built so tight that it just needed to be broken in. I can live with that with a new shotgun but not a handgun so I sold it. I now carry a TRP that has been so far 100% for me. It is not a 3k gun but it does fire every time and is very accurate for what it is. just another 2 cents
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Originally Posted by Bob Reed View Post

My vote goes to COLT and I'm a firm believer in having standardized weapons, parts and extra magazines - and when it comes to 1911's, I exclusively stick with Genuine COLT Government Model 1911's and Genuine COLT Parts & 7-Shot COLT Factory Magazines (COLT Part No. SP53355B for Blued or COLT Part No. SP572491 for Stainless Steel 7-Shot Magazines - both of these magazines have flat followers w/the pimple, or the so called dimple).

As you maybe aware by now - Check-Mate Industries makes the 1911 magazines for COLT that have a letter C on the base plate, and Check-Mate produces a very high quality magazine - especially the ones that are made to COLT'S Specs. Check-Mate has also apparently started using John Browning's originally designed D shaped dimple (or pimple depending on how you look at it) on the flat follower (the last batch of COLT Factory Magazines that I received has it) - and this is a good thing! Browning's original D shaped pimple (or dimple if looking at the bottom of the follower) does a much better job of preventing a round from jumping forward under recoil than the easier to produce round pimple does.

BTW: The pimple on the follower needs to be there! John Browning didn't stay-up all night and include it into the design just for the Hell-of-it.

Also, once you go under 4.25" inches of barrel length on The M1911 - then reliability more than likely will suffer. Yes, I know some COLT Defenders & Officer Models run fine - but from what I've seen, their a minority. So, it's really best to stick with at least 4.25" inches of barrel, i.e., The COLT Commander or COLT'S Concealed Carry Officers Model that has the 4.25" inch Commander Slide & Barrel on an Officers Frame if you want to go shorter than a standard 5" inch Government Model.

JohnnyT is a True 1911 Expert - so hopefully he'll come along with some advise for you as well.
Glad I saw this. All you speak is what I believe and have been saying for 30 years.

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