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AMT Hardballer conversion

Had a guy bring in a Amt hardballer, from the story it belong to his father who not well, he is wanting to do add a compensated barrel as well as some different sights, he was also looking at doing a 45 super or 460 conversion...I told him i would do some research but did not think the conversion could be done on a AMT. So I guess what I am wandering or asking anyone is if they have or if possible to change slide and do conversion, ect...any info would be awesome
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I wouldn't do that conversion on an AMT.
The AMT was made in the early days of stainless steel automatics, before all the problems were fully understood.

Among the problems was galling between the slide and frame. S&W and Colt figured out that the "fix" was to use different types of stainless and different heat treating for the slide and frame.
Another problem was that the early stainless autos like the AMT, Vega, Crown City, etc were made from cast slides and frames.
They did this, not because it was better, they did it simply because it was cheap.
These early guns didn't stand up too well, which is why the companies went bust.

As far as I remember, the AMT slide and frame were not heat treated at all.
This is not unusual, most pre-war Colt automatics were not heat treated.
However, this means the AMT slide and frame likely aren't up to a conversion like this. You'd likely run into cracked and battered slide and frame. Even if you bought a new slide the frame will still be subject to battering and cracking.

In any case, the AMT, if in good condition would probably be worth more as-is to a gun collector.

Bottom line, I would not recommend doing this conversion to this gun.

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Clark/Brownells says specifically to NOT use an AMT (and a few other 1911s) for their .460 Rowland Conversion.
Over the years they have been used for target/Bullseye builds, but I would not use one for anything more than stout factory NON +P ammo.

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