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If you had your choice of buying 2 new Kimbers for approx. the same price as 1 new Wilson CQB, what would you choose? Please give details one way or another. The Kimbers if bought would not stay stock for very long as I like to have my .45's tricked out a bit. The Kimbers I'm looking at are the CompactII/blue steel and the CustomII/blue steel.
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I'd buy one Kimber, save the money meant for the second and send it to a good smith to make it something that's even nicer than the Wilson. It'd probably cost a little more than the Wilson though.
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Why not have all?

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Now, that's a man after my own heart.:smile:
Old 09-23-2001, 10:21 AM   #5
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I believe the choice should be based upon your purpose: for sport shooting, the Kimbers are okay. If you require a gun for long term reliability, I think I'd recommend Wilson.

I have a Kimber Eclipse. I have replaced the factory MIM hammer/sear/disconnector set with EdBrown parts. Just did a final tweak on the sear/hammer surfaces this morning - will be test firing my work later today. I have also noticed that my Plastique MSH is failing - the spring retaining pin is being pushed upwards and the upper surface of the housing has a bump.....

IMO, Both manufacturers produce products of quality equally proportional to their price.

Regards :smile:
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I have several different answers to your question. If I could only AFFORD the one wilson or the two kimbers then I would get the wilson. If I could afford one wilson or two kimbers but then be able to have Dane work over the two kimbers then I would get the two kimbers. Either two of the exact same gun so I would have a spare OR one fullsize steel gun and then a compact set up identically but in a LW format and have that set up identically to the full-size one.

But there are LOTS of considerations here. Is money the deciding factor? In the beginning of your post it sounds like it is, but then later you say you will be having them both worked over if you get the kimbers, so it seems you have money to spend.

What I would do (What I did in your place actually) is this: I would figure out what your requirements were and then have Dane (or your smith of choice) build you a gun from the ground up with the best parts available. I have been down the semi-custom gun road a few times, and each time when it was over I was so happy because I could think, "Wow, this is so much closer to what I really want than it would have been if I had left it stock - this is great." Then one day I added up the money I had spent getting close a few times and realized that I could have already bought a custom gun built only for me based on my needs and wants. So I am doing it now. Its gonna take a year to get it and its going to cost me 3 grand, but I can almost promise you that during that year I would have gone through about ten "this is honest to goodness the gun for me pistol" examples and still be looking and selling and trading and losing money each time. And I probably would have spent a few thousand bucks in the process.

Of course, if this one doesn't work out I am just going to donate the burns gun to the "drooling gun lover's home" and buy a .380 lorcin, file off the sights and call it even.

But, perhaps a nice compromise is this: CQB's run about 1750 and up I think. I would get a new kimber for 750 and send it to Dane (or Mr. Heinie or any of the great smiths that are out there) and ask him to make it a thousand bucks better.

Good luck and please let us know how it works out.


A bad attitude or unsettled mind will destroy focus, guaranteeing failure regardless of training and preparation.
- Mark F. Twight, "Extreme Alpinism"

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I'd lean towards geting the Kimber and then having it done over by a no-kidding excellent gunsmith. Wilson Combat makes a great product, but there is nothing like having a gun made exactly how you want it.
Old 09-23-2001, 03:27 PM   #8
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I think it depends on what the gun is for. If this is a self defense gun, buy the Kimbers, replace the MIM and plastic parts if they have any, make sure they have good triggers and good sights and that they run. Find a load that works for you in your guns then shoot them a lot.

It depends on whether you want to be good with your guns or you just want to collect really cool guns. You can do both, but it is expensive and very expensive guns will not make you a better pistolero.

However, if you are just collecting guns for the drool, ooh and aah factor, get all 3 and spend another 5 grand fixing them up. Start collecting Heinie, Vickers and Burns guns. Post pictures of them and say gee whiz ain't I lucky. Keep them in the safe where no harm can come to them.

Or you can tell me I am full of crap. I get that a lot. :smile:

"When great changes occur in history, when great principles are
involved, as a rule the majority are wrong. The minority are right."
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after owning Both, for my money today i would get a kimber at $600, add another $600 on all tool steel parts and heinie sights, and another $600 for 3000 rounds for practice. Wilsons are great guns but a kimber with the right tweaks is awesome and costs less.
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Might help to know Kimber makes both Wilson's frame and slide....

Parts don't make the gun, who puts it together does.

Kimber is getting better at doing so everyday.

There are a bunch of folks that should and are not taking note of that fact.


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