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1911 9mm build Help!

Hey, guys. First post to the forum. My wife recently wanted me to build her a 9mm 1911. I've built countless .45 ACP and a few 10mm and never had any issues but this 9mm has me a bit perplexed and as I have zero past experience with 1911 9mms I figured this was a good place to start for help.

The pistol is a Caspian full size frame, Caspian Government length slide. The barrel is a Clark Match grade with a Clark/ Para ramp.

The frame I had on hand was a standard ramp frame so I cut it for the Clark/Para ramp.

Extractor and ejector are Cylinder and slide. Magazine is a Chip McCormick and I'm running a standard recoil set up with a factory weight Wolf 9mm spring. Ammo is Fiocchi 115 gr and thats all I had on hand when I test fired.

The issue I am having is that initially The extractor was not pulling the spent case from the barrel. That was a no brainer I figured I didn't have the extractor tensioned enough. I reset the extractor tension and now it will eject about 75% of the time but the cases do not eject with much force and land on the bench beside me, some eject almost vertically. If it does manage to fire almost an entire mag, it will eject every case but will stove pipe the last one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Old 02-05-2015, 02:00 PM   #2
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Is it a 9mm extractor and ejector? I assume it is but have to ask. They are different from 45
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try resetting extractor.1911 will be more severe
Old 02-09-2015, 06:12 AM   #4
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Yeah it's a Cylinder and Slide ejector and extractor. For 9mm
Old 02-17-2015, 03:11 PM   #5
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If it only stovepipes on the last shell, check the way the magazine sets in lock up. It may be just a little low. Even try stretching these spring. It may sit a little week under the last shell.
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It sounds as if there could be a few issues here. One being there is still isn't enough extractor tension. I use feel and the shake test when initially setting up the extractor. You also need to check hook depth. With the slide off. Push a round under the extractor and flat against breech face. Hold it up to a light and observe if the hook is contacting the case head. You can also tell by looking at your spent brass for marks. Last round stovepipes may be a magazine issue. What may be happening is the feed lips are to tall and it's actually stripping the round off the extractor before it contacts the ejector forcing it to lose control and stay in the ejection port. Are you using an extended ejector? I would revisit the extractor tension and depth. Then see how it acts. If the brass is still just flying a foot or so i would lighten up the recoil spring. You may be to heavy for that ammo.
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You might try a different magazine manufacturer as well. Some guns are picky
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Also keep in mind the 9mm extractor should contact the groove in the case; as opposed to a 45 in which the hook tip should not actually contact the case.
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try tapping the back of the mag spine against something firm after you loaded it..
just a tap or two to SEAT all the rounds equally, sometimes some mags upset the seating of the first
round after loading the rest into it..

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