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Colt Hammer Upgrade Help!

Hoping someone can be of I replaced a hammer on my Colt Government Series 70 pistol. All went well until I tried to reattach the slide. It appears the hammer is too tall and not allowing the slide to go back far enough to put the slide stop in. Is there a solution for this? The hammer is a "Wilson Combat Factory Plus Hammer Strut 1911 Steel Blue". I bought it from a gentleman on eBay and it appears to be factory packaging even though I could not get a "hit" anywhere on that part number (713365 050516). That could be a bar code number, not sure. Thanks to anyone that may be able to help.
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I Think I Now Know...!

Regarding my not being able to reinstall slide...I think I just saw something. This is my very first time working on a 1911 and am thinking my new commander style hammer will need a special grip safety; not the stock Colt one. Am I getting warmer!!? Could someone please advise what I might be looking for in a grip safety that would work with the commander hammer? Thanks very much!
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Commander hammers do require a grip safety that will allow the Commander hammer full range of movement.
Standard grip safeties allow the hammer to hit and block enough movement.

You'll either need a new Commander compatible grip safety or you'll need to modify the grip safety.
One common method that Colt themselves used was a "rat tail" grip safety.
This was simply a standard grip safety with a cross-wise notch cut across the safety that the hammer would fit down into.

Do an image search in Google or Bing for "Officers' ACP and you'll see examples of the rat tail grip safety.

This can be done with a 1/4" chain saw file, if you're limited on tooling.
If it's blued you'll have to touch it up with cold blue.
I strongly recommend Brownell's Dicrophane T4 which turns steel black, not a lighter blue.
This also seems to be one of the most durable cold blues.
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Thanks Much!

Thanks for your response and offer to assist. I did order a Wilson "drop-in" hammer and will soon get to installing it. I am so very new in the 1911 scene but did carry one many, many years ago on a USN destroyer in port deck watch (wow, like 50 years ago now that I think of it!). Now I have three 1911's (but carry a Glock daily). Sorry about the Glock! Thanks again.

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