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Sorry, not photos yet.
The gun is SA 1911-A1 on left side of slide. On the right side behind the ejection port is the logo that look like crossed base ball bats. Inside the logo the year is 1974. The serial number is NM135xxx. It also has a dovetailed front. The sights are Heinie tritium, dot over dot style. Kart NM barrel. Ambi safety, FLGR, Arched mainspring housing with flared integrated magazine well, NM bushing. I guess that about covers it. The Blue finish is about 95%. I picked it up in a trade and probably gave to much for it. Can anyone guess what the model is, when it was made and what it's worth? I'd appreciate it.
Thanks. And oh yes, the trigger breaks at 3.2 lbs. No hammer follow, although, if you ease the hammer down, it will hang on the half cock notch.
Thanks again.
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I don't think it is a particular model as such. It sounds like a standard SA that has been gunsmithed. Maybe by the SA custom shop, maybe by an independent.

"if you ease the hammer down, it will hang on the half cock notch"
Sounds to me like the trigger stop is set too close. Back it out to where the sear does not whack the half cock.
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Thanks Jim. Any idea on a ball park value?
I probably gave too much for it, but I'd like to know where I stand.
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What type of hammer style? Grip Safety? Anything done to the front strap?

...Sounds about like Jim's righton...If it has a good strap treatment and maybe a couple magazines...then price of a SA TRP + a trigger job and that should put you in the ball park. I bet it has all steel parts and that serial # is gonna make it an older piece...I have 1999 that starts with 393xxx...SA can give you the info you desire if you contact them with the Serial#...

To reproduce it...? Hard to know without havin' it here. Why don't you send it on over for testing!!!
I'll send it back in a couple years and for 49.99 I'll throw in a letter of thanks!

Sounds like a pretty nice pistol. Have you tried shooting it yet and if so, how was it?

Good Luck...

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The setup is identical to the
Professional Model except for a few things, the markings, and that mine is Blue rather than K-Kote and I have serrations at the front of the slide. It also has Heini straight eight night sights. The front strap is checkered at 20LPI, very cleanly done. I came with 3 8 round Wilson mags. No I haven't fired it yet. When I got it, it was totally disassembled. Took me 15 minutes to get it back together again (I'm out of practice.)

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