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New Les Baer

Bought a new Les Baer,Custom Carry,they say not to take it apart until you have fired 500 rounds,talked to LB they said to oil slide and rails,I do not see how you can access those parts without disassembleing the gun,little help,if you can't tell I'm new to 1911's,thanks
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Just use a needle oiler or a plastic oil tube like that on bottles of CLP Breakfree to run a THIN line of lube into the joint of the slide and frame rails.
Do this on both sides.

Or, lock the slide back, turn the gun upside down and put a good drop of lube into the slide rails on both sides.
Hold the gun muzzle down and operate the slide a few times to spread the lube into the slide and frame rails.

Put a drop of oil on the end of the barrel where it fits through the barrel bushing.
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You could contact LB and ask them for their best procedure method. This way if something does happen, you can say the gun was maintained by LB standards.

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I agree with dfariswheel idea, do it every 100 rounds or so and lock the slide back and oil around the barrel also.

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