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As a novice in the 1911 game I find the looks of this gun interesting. How does the "bobtail" grip feel? Also, how does the recoil compare to the full size Protector I currently own? Thanks in advance for your input.

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I retail the custom and production 1911 as these are from customer comments.

Most are positive and like the reduced portion of the butt for concealment purposes. I have heard no negative comments other than an increased cost of the grips as the standard 1911 grips have to be "bobtailed" for the gun.

Folks with smaller hands have also been positive.

The most popular by far is the commander length. I have one had one order in the full size 5 inch gun to about 20 bobtail commanders in the space of a year.

Owners say they feel no difference in shootability or control. Some would like the Bobtail to be checkered or some kind of surface treatment but after checking with a few smiths. Depending on the surface treatment the cost of the treatment on a curved surface may be more that the buyer would want to pay. Brown is now doing a snakeskin on a portion of the bobtail for the Kobra in the Kobra Carry and I have seen other smiths such as Vic Tibbetts do a matte surface treatment on the whole surface or the roounded mainspring housing but at the current time I know of no others. There probably is and folks on the forum will be able to help you in that respect.

If you want you steel or stainless steel gun bobtailed. I know Ed Brown will do it. And there are others out there who will also provide the change.

I hope this helps.

Be safe and keep the brass flying

You get what you pay for front end or back end.
Terry Peters AKA PT-Partners elsewhere

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I just purchased an Ed Brown Bobtail from Terry and couldn't be happier. It feels "right" in my hand, and shoots superbly. I don't notice any difference in recoil from my other 1911s. The mainspring housing on mine is not checkered, but I don't notice it a bit. It's a very nice design.

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