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cowboy1 06-06-2002 07:50 PM

Hello All
I have a question of anyone that ownes or has shot one of the Ed Brown Kobra's in 45 ACP. I just recived mine this week and am having problems with it shooting low, about 3 inches at 10 yards and about 6 inches at 15 yards. I have tried the Federal ammo that they said they were designed to shoot as well as three differend re-loads and it still shoots low. Has anyone experenced this and if not what type of ammo are you using?

Dane Burns 06-06-2002 08:29 PM

I have had four customers who had bought Kobra's at my suggestion. All have gotten rid of them for various reasons. The two that I had here and shot some, were nice guns for the money. One of the things that impressed me about both those guns was they actually shot POA out of the box.

Raven 06-06-2002 10:51 PM

I still have mine (one of the two that Dane had) It shoots great and still to point of aim. I practice with UMC 230 grain ball (dept issue training rounds) and carry Speer Gold Dot 230 grain (dept issue on duty). It shoots to point of aim with both loads and has been extremely reliable.

Now Dane, I am curious why those others got rid of their Kobra's and what seems like a little negativity towards the Kobra's now. Please explain. Of the several custom .45's I have this is the one I carry most now and have found to be the best value for the money at this price point. The fit and finish is great. The internal parts are not MIM. The only mod I did was to take out the over travel screw on the trigger because I don't trust them on a duty/carry gun.

Dane Burns 06-07-2002 08:38 AM

Like I said, the two that I had here were good guns. If the pervious owners want to chime they have that ability. I was just reporting that a number of the guns were bought from my reccomendation and ended up changing hands quickly.

Since I did indeed endorse the gun I thought it fair I mentioned the fact. As we both know the two I sold were at a fair margin under dealer, let alone retail.

Raven 06-07-2002 10:28 AM

Any former owners care to elaborate?

kcrowder 06-07-2002 11:28 AM

I owned the two guns that Dane sold. They were nice guns but they did seem to duplicate what I already had, some nice semi-custom guns. I was also ready to receive a couple of custom guns from Dane so I decided to let those go. You got a nice gun at a real good price. Sometimes we get a gun that just doesn't seem to be what we wanted but it is for the next guy. Enjoy it.

Raven 06-07-2002 12:18 PM

Thanks KCrowder,

I totally understand the personal preference thing, I was just concerned that there may have been some functionality/quality control issues.

Cowboy I am sure if you give Ed Brown a call they can fix the problem or offer a solution.

06-07-2002 01:07 PM

I don't see this as any negativity towards the Kobra, which I feel is a tremendous gun for the money. It just looks to me like cowboy1 doesn't like the prints he gets with it.

cowboy1, if you don't like how it shoots for you, give Ed Brown's company a call. Mine shot right to POA at 25 yards when I got it, but personally, I like mine shooting about two inches high at 25 yards, so I called and explained - got to talk to Ed too. First he had me shoot some groups with the ammo I wanted to use, and send him the target showing him my sight picture. He installed a slightly lower front sight for me, at a nominal charge + return shipping, and I got the gun back the same week! Great customer service!

luckyhoser 06-07-2002 06:13 PM

So Dane, are you no longer endorsing the Kobra? You don't come out and say it, but your posts pretty clearly intimate that you no longer feel the same way about them. Maybe I'm just reading too much into what you said?

cowboy1 06-07-2002 09:18 PM

I have spoken to Ed and he said they were only designed to shoot with Federal ammo. I have got targets I shot with this gun and will be sending them back with it, showing the 6 shots low at 10 yards and the 2 out of 12 that hit at 15 yards. It did not sound like he realy wanted to have me return it but if I did they would look at it. If I understood your reply that he fixed the problem and only charged you for parts and shipping, I don't feel this is good service to charge for parts to make something right that should have been right to begin with. I do realize that things happen but to charge again for more parts to fix it, I don't think so. My personal feeling as to what should have been said when I called was for there responce to be something like, that sound a little low to us and that there might be something wrong and if you would send it in we will glady take a look at it and get back with you. Not that my reloads were no good and what did I expect from reloads anyway, and that these are combat guns which shoot good enough. That is just my personal feelings.

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