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A "Help" question on Bomar sites

Sorry for posting this in the Custom Makers catagory, but I am deathly afraid my questions will dry up and not get seen in some othe catagories, and I can I hope make this stretch to fit...
My pride and joy is my Ed Brown Custom Classic, it has commander slide and the officer frame. I love the way it shoots as well as it's great looks. I have come over for the holidays to my father in laws house, and want to show it to him.
He promptly drop the gun, scratching the gun's mirror finish, and the beadblast job! :evil: The rear sight also managed to get gouged on the top and the rear near the sighting window.
I am not a rich man, indeed I had to save for a couple of years plus some to afford the gun. It will be a while before I can afford to have them redone, but I intend to have Ed Brown refinish the slide for me. I would guess 300.00 or more to get the same level of finish again. But there is more.
The rear sight will need to be replaced also, and both the body of the sight and the sight itself are dinged up. Once again it is only my guess but I would imagine that it may cost up to 150.00 to replace the rear sight ( it has a undamaged tritium insert)
I am franky hard pressed to understand how the man could do so much damage in a single drop, but he did.
My wife, his daughter, is deceased, but I love for him to get time with his grandchild, my daughter. For the sake of all involved I won't try to get him to pay for this. As is it will be late spring or mid summer before I will be able to afford to get the gun the refinish and sight.
But my real question is, are there other sights, in particular "combat" sights, that might be able to be fitted into the bomar sights grove in the slide and cut on the rear edge? While I love the adjustability of the Bomars, they have always been somewhat large, and catch on my shirts. I am wondering is there might be sights with less hard edges and instead more angles and dehorning that would fit the current slide slots...
Once again sorry admins for the probable misplacement of this, but I am hoping the smiths here on the board might be able to spare me a moment of thier knowledge.
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A little help for you


If your Bo-Mar is a BMCS style I'd be willing to get you one at cost.
$51.71 for BMCS or $79.16 for the BMCS Tritium version plus $5 to ship.
Should be an easy replacement into your slide.
Would that get you back in action a little quicker? I'd be happy to help.

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Wilson's makes one that fits in the Bomar slot. It is nicely dehorned. And you can get a rear blade in a pyramid configuration that you might like better. I have one on a S&W 945 that is really nice.

But the offer above is hard to beat. The BoMar is the standard.

Sorry to hear of the dink in the gun. I have a class A stinger myself. Family relationships are more important than getting paid for it though.


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