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Looking for new Mak sights & other things

I've had my Bulgie for almost four months now, but I owned two EG Maks in the early/mid 90's, when they were plentiful (kicking myself for giving them away now!). I've never really customized my pistols much, just did what was necessary to get them to shoot reliably and left it at that.

Well, I've since changed my opinion on this. I've been spending most of my time and resources getting my 1911 Officer's up to speed reliability-wise, but I want to do a few things to my Mak to make it carry-able.

Most important items on the agenda are new sights, and stocks. I pretty much know what stocks I'm going with (probably Makawraps with the finger grooves cut off, and if I don't care for those, I'll have custom ones made). However, the sights are another story. I know Karl at Makarov.com installs Novaks and/or a couple of other types, but the cost of the sights alone is almost as much as another Mak - let alone the machining required.

I've seen another guy who put a fibre optic shotgun sight in place of his front sight on his Mak - that turned out better than I thought it would - but the rear is left unmodified, and that's not good enough for me.

Are there ANY other ideas/options out there for Makarov sight replacement/modification, that won't break the bank? By this, I mean keeping the cost for the work (at least the parts - I can do the work myself) under $100, and hopefully even less. Preferably, this will be done with no need for slide refinishing - or touch ups only.

The other thing I'm thinking about is improving the Mak's trigger. I did a trigger job on it, and lightened the mainspring a little - just enough so my example no longer had a 16+ lb. DA trigger. In doing this, the SA trigger lightened up a LOT more than I had hoped for, and the DA is still somewhat heavy - but no longer grabby or gritty. I can deal with both - but the extreme creep and overtravel is bothersome, especially in SA. Has anyone come up with a solution to this, or has any ideas about it?

Thanks much
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just in case you dont't already know about them,check out ....

I happen to like the Makawrap grips with the finger grooves.
Good luck with cutting them off. A freind had to try that too.
It didn't work...the front strap has to be there.
They are slim enough that they conceal quite well with a good holster.
I also like the issue sights. They work very well for me at close up defensive distances. At target shooting distances they also work very well for me. I will agree that it is very easy to spend a lot of jack making improvements of this little pistol. Fortunately for me all mine needed was a polished feed ramp. I did that myself. It also needed a slightly lighter and smoother trigger. I did that too. I am not a qualified pistol smith, so it has to be easy.
I bought my Maks because they were cheap, not cheaply made.
One thing is for sure though. If it is available or has been though of concerning a Makarov, George and Karl have it, can either get it or do it.

I love my Maks: Bulgie, Circle 10 x 2.
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Model Paint

I put a very little bit of flourescent orange model paint on my front sight post, and my shooting has greatly improved since. It you put too much on or mess it up, it scratches off ($0.99 at WalMart).

Today I was shooting a bad guy silhouette from 90', with no problems hitting the 5-point area. Pretty impressive in my mind for this old pistol (1961 E. Germany).

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