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Brown Bear 115 gr. is great

My Bulgie gobbled up the first box like Cracker Jacks. There were no stovepipes, no failures to feed.

Pearce grips couldn't quite take the sting away, though. But then I put in a new 21-pound recoil spring from Wolff, and, voila!, the kick got much nicer and smoother. True, the heavy spring made the slide tougher to pull back, but not impossibly so. As a payoff, the Mak started feeling like a bigger, longer-cycling gun from the combination of Pearce magic and the heavier spring--closer to the beefy punch of a 1911. Everything worked fine on 109-grain Wolf, too

The BB is certainly accurate. At our club's "plinking range," shotgun shells at 30 feet, pop cans at 30 yards, and steel silhouettes at 70 yards all responded in a satisfying way. Yes, the Russian powder threw sparks in the twilight, but that just added to the fun.

If anybody out there is unhappy with his/her Brown Bear ammo, don't throw it away. Send it to me, C.O.D.

Dr. H
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Hello. If of interest, there's some data on Brown Bear 9x18mm 115-gr. JHP
here: ... ht=makarov


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My sentiments Exactly!
The 115 Brownies are what I use for my Makarov carry load.

While I haven't actually shot them off of sand bags yet they seem to be about the most accurate load I've tried.
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Alright this topic has me interested in this ammo now, but when I looked for the ammo I come up with brown and silver bear 115 gr. HPs, with the only obvious difference being the case material. Is that, in fact, the only difference, or is there more to it than that?

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