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One more question please

No, I'm not a parrot, just have one more Makarov question. Most of you have had your Maks longer than I, therefore I'm counting on your experience and advise. Please know it is ALWAYS appreciated.
The $99.00 Makarov I got from Centerfire came with only one magazine, and for the price I've got no right to complain. Now though I'm needing at least one additional as I plan to shoot this pistol A LOT. There are several sources for these magazines and AIM Surplus seems to be the cheapest. Have any of you gotten Makarov magazines from them before? If so, how are they? CDNN also has them, for a little more, and of course Would I be safer to stay with or to check out some of these other sources?
Now, want to know anything about Glock pistols? I can help there.
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One Mak mag is about like another. Eventhough the EG mags have a little "hump" at the bottom, one can still put 8 rounds in them.
I bought 10 mags from AIM last year; they were in very good to fine condition. I have bought several from CDNN and over the years; they were in fine to excellent condition.
Regardless, they all worked the same: flawlessly.
So, if you want good sevicable mags: AIM is the place.
If you want to pay about twice as much for nicer looking mags: choose the other guys.

My 2c.
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My 2c.

Thanks. Your 2c has saved me far more than that. Now, if I could a 2c deal on one of AIM's Keltecs......
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I agree. A Mak magazine is basically a Mak magazine. I have never seen a bad one. You should be able to pick them up at a gun show for $5-$10. Regards, Richard

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