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I have a pistol and I do not have any idea what it is!?

It looks like a PA-63, two-tone alloy frame. On the slide is the following: On the left side - "Selbstlade-Pistole Cal 9 Walther's Patent" with the Walther logo below it; on the right/ejection side is a serial number "N 10427" (the number is also on the grip below the trigger guard); the following markings are on the left side next to the trigger: .87; a shield with two wavey lines through the center with a "N" at the top; a circle with a "M" in it; and a marking shape similar to a heart with an "I" in the center. There are no other markings on the pistol. I was told it was a .380. Any ideas. Thanks.
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I believe "Selbstlade-Pistole" is German for "self-loading pistol."
The "Cal 9" would tend to indicate that it was 9x19, but it is possible that it is 9x17, especially if it is a blow-back design.
The reason it looks like a PA-63 is because a PA-63 is a Walther PP clone.

If you want more definitive help, I suggest that you post a pic at the Walther forums: ... nboard.cgi
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I owned a PA63 .380 for a while and I had two complaints. The D/A trigger must have been 24 pounds and the magazine lips were as sharp as razors. With this said, it never missed a beat and it was more accurate than any Walther PP series pistol I have shot. Regards, Richard
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Pics of pistol in question. I did confirm that it is a .380. ... nis006.jpg ... nis007.jpg ... nis008.jpg

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