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Originally Posted by Teakwood
Al, sorry I missed the bit about the feeding being a non-problem now.
"I'm wondering if the 95 grain stuff is any lighter in it's recoil??"

IMHO, the 95 gr is considerably kinder in the recoil department. Frankly, with the various feeding and FTF problems I have encountered over the years with 109 gr and heavier, I stick with the 95 gr FMJ and JHP.

The recoil from the heavier bullets is not so much a problem in the all-steel Makarovs, but in the PA-63 the heavier recoil can lead to cracking in the alloy frame.

Whatever lights your fire.
I've got some 109 grain FMJ that's not too bad, but still, I find it a bit harsh. Until I changed the grips to the Red Star type, I was getting a blister on my palm. The screw on the Red Star grip sets close enough to the outer edge that the blister is no longer a problem.

Still, although I've had some who recommend the heavier weights, I've heard most say to stay away and use the intended weights of 90-95 grains.
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Old 06-27-2004, 12:53 PM   #22
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As far as the Silver/Brown Bear ammo goes, I will never buy any of it again. I pickup up 3 boxes of Silver Bear 115gr. HP & 2 boxes of Brown Bear FMJ when I got my latest Circle 10 Bulgie Mak. Total crap, each and every round.

I gave away the Brown Bear I had left - the guy's Mak liked it, so why not?
I shot up the Silver at the range, just to get rid of it.

Nothing but stovepipe after stovepipe with both types. And this is with a tuned, brand new Mak! [Mine was totally unissued, new in the box - I got lucky at the gun shop]

Interestingly, my Mak hates any and all steel cased ammo - the Bears, Barnaul, Wolf, you name it. Now, if it has a brass case, it'll eat it all, with no problems. This seems very odd for a military pistol that was designed for steel case ammo! I have decided on only MFS (when I can find it), PS Grand ammo for the range (the Federal stuff is too pricey), and Georgia Arms Gold Dots for when it's carried. For now, I have a good supplier of PS Grand, but I expect it to evaporate one day soon, just like the MFS did.
When that happens, I'll probably switch to GA ammo completely in the Mak.
Old 01-21-2005, 02:22 PM   #23
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Wow my Mak ate the silver bear nicely

I have run a couple boxes each of silver bear 92 grain fmj and 115 jhp, plus a few 120jhp, and it all fired and fed perfect.

the only hiccups I have had were with the Wolf 109 grain fmj, that oddball bullet shape doesnt always guide the ctg. into the chamber is what I think.

Old 01-27-2005, 09:33 AM   #24
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Id just use Barnaul...........simple.

Shoot well..........

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