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Dave: Expert Opinion?

I have an LDA LTD 1640 which needs a new extractor. It has the series 80 safety junk in it (plunger and spring in the slide).

Question: is there a problem if I install a standard series 70 safety and do not install the plunger and spring in the slide?

I understand some dirt could get into the extractor channel, but does it affect anything on the receiver or is it OK to do?
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Forgot to ask.....

You seem to be knowledgable about LDA's and I was wondering if you knew: have you seen other MIM (or cast) extractors installed in them? I have one in mine and I am wondering if it is unique.

Also, my slide stop looks like MIM based on the grainy appearance and casting "line" running along the pin. Are they MIM as well?

Para factory confirmed the hammers and triggers are MIM, I was wondering about the other parts.

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I'm not really an LDA expert. I generally try to avoid working on the widebodies because, like lots of other 'smiths, I've worked on enough out of spec frames to make me pull my hair out (and I can't afford to lose any more!). I don't know if the slide stops and extractors are MIM or cast but I've seen enough extractors loose their tension to make me replace them with a quality part just to be safe. If it's a carry gun, it wouldn't hurt to replace the slide stop as well but if it's a range gun, just shoot it until it breaks.

If you choose to remove the Series 80 parts from the slide then you need to remove them from the frame as well. There is a spacer that Brownells sells that installs in the frame in place of the 2 levers that you must use.
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Thanks for the information.
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I have previously posted this elswhere but here it goes again.
I would hesitate to disable ANY factory supplied safety device for liability reasons. If you have to fire in self defense you can almost count on there being a Civil Lawsuit, no matter how justifiable your action. Do not give the bottom feeding scum sucking lawyer any extra advantage! The Series 80 mechanism, if properly polished, does not degrade the trigger pull.

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