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Philippine Pistolsmith for Paras


Dear Sirs,

Greetings! I've been a past member for quite sometime, and I've just recently gotten back after having been accepted into my dream job. I really believe that you guys are best out there when it comes to showcasing real-world issues to those of us who carry firearms, whether as private citizens or as law-enforcement/military professionals.

I just wanted to write about this great experience I've just had with this Filipino gunsmith named TONY PASCUAL. As I have not yet been issued a duty weapon (we have had troubles acquiring new weapons because of our limited budget), I have been using my personally-owned Para P-12.45 for on-duty and off-duty carry. Because I am a fairly big guy (5'10", 240 lbs.), I have found that the P-12 grip was a tad short for my large hands. On March 18, 2004, I've decided to have a drop-in magwell installed and because of the high prices of american-made/imported parts, and with a little research based on my own needs, I went to TP PASCUAL GUN WORKS (owned by SATURNINO "TONY" PASCUAL) to have one of his very own-designed magwells installed. Since he mainly designs his accessories around full-sized guns, mine needed a little minor fitting. It came out great, and I eagerly went out with my newly-accessorised gun on an operation. Later that evening, however, I found the mag-well opening was too big and that it exposed the rearmost edge of the Para mag-well (near the mainspring housing) and that I might get a magazine caught up in here if I try to speedload. The next day, I went back to TONY PASCUAL to see if a remedy could be done to it ( I was half-expecting he would just weld up that part and file it down so that the bevels on both the pistol mag-well and add-on mag-well would be even). To my surprise, he took the gun in (through his very helpful staff), and fashioned a new add-on magwell specifically for my P-12, with the correct size opening. If I thought before that the work was great, the finished product I got the 2nd time around was outstanding!!! And he did it in less than a day, despite the fact that he had customers' orders ahead of mine.

Now that's service! I am very pleased with the pistol I have now, and I am extremely confident of the job that was done to it. Which is why I wanted to share the good news with all of you. And I hope that, through this letter, you would be interested in sending one of your correspondents here to Manila and do a story on TONY PASCUAL. Guys like these are hard to come by, especially in this age where quality is pushed aside for quantity and money-making at all costs, which is detrimental to the consumers.

I would really appreciate if you can oblige this request of mine. Anyway, more power to your publication and thanks for all the great work you've done for all of us throughout the years!

Very truly yours,

1.) [email protected]
2.) [email protected]
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That's nice. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony several times already , he's such a nice accommodating guy. Also purchased several items from him before (mostly basepads). However , I haven't really got any gunsmithing work experience from him. He's too far from my place.

Aside from Tony , there are also a lot of good and reputable gunsmith here. Metrillo , Col.Bayang , Balolong, Sunico ,etc. but during gunshows his one of the more popular ,having had his own stall.

At any rate , I'm happy to know of his great customer service.

BTW , I have a college classmate there (NBI).He's Rey Olazo, also an active practical shooter. Regards to all. :wink:
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You are one of the few handfuls who got satisfied with Tony's work. The others mentioned by Hermo Gut are far more reliable and better in doing works on guns. The only reason maybe that you got a good service from him is because you work for the country's NBI. You belong to a group that he needs endorsements.

I had so much bad experience with this guy that if I start, invectives will automatically fly, I might probably kicked out of the forum. He used to be my gunsmith before when I know nothing about guns. Cost me so mcuh because I thought the guy was doing it straight with me. Was I wrong. very wrong.

The guy has charged so much including all available arms and legs for such mediocre work. Many other shooters will agree with me that he happens to be one of the more lousy smiths the country has ever had.

In fact, even his other gunsmith colleagues laugh at his works including those people he worked with in the past.

His products are all cheap imitations of products from Brownell's. He tries to copy products made by American manufacturers (his beavertail is Ed Brown's design, the recoild reducer is designed by Harrts, the AR15 parts are the designs of Bushmaster, etc.). If there is a so-called patent infringement on this designs in the Philippines, he'll be in jail a long time ago. I would even trust the fabrications made by other stores who uses CNC machines. IN fact, I would go to Armscorp for the parts I need.

I am glad he made good work with your gun. But I would never recommend him specially to friends. This has gone lone enough maybe a PM will do if you need more details.
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The better gunsmiths in the Philippines as mentioned by Hermo Gut were:
- Metrillo
- Col. Bayang
- Manny Sunico
- Balolong
- Jun Tuason
- Capt. Oral

These guys are the best gunsmiths the country will always recommend all the time. The price is very reasonable and still cheaper compared to Tony Pascual.
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Originally Posted by Hermo Gut

Aside from Tony , there are also a lot of good and reputable gunsmith here. Metrillo , Col.Bayang , Balolong, Sunico ,etc. but during gunshows his one of the more popular ,having had his own stall.
I'm not so sure about Col. Bayang's work, his shop does too much work, so you may not get the best service. Also his refinishing service leaves much to be desired. I have seen 2 pieces that did not get prepped correctly, and were hardchromed anyway. The result was a 1911 with pit marks that were chromed over, and a Smith and Wesson snubnose that was chromed even though it still had dirt inside, thus wrecking the timing and reliability of the gun.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if Col. Bayang HIMSELF will fix your gun, it will be good. But since he has a lot of assistants and after I've seen his people's sloppy handywork, I won't go to him.

I will recommend Metrillo and Tony Olinares though. Good work by both men, not as spectacular as the late Jimmy Febre or Manny Sunico, but pretty damn good for use and competition.
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I am very interested in seeing you guys posts about work on guns there. I have several friends in the P.I. who are Masons and correspond with them about Freemasonry.

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