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Questions, for the experts.

I have carried a HK USP .40, .45 Tactical, and my current defensive pistol is a USP .45 Expert. My wife carries a HK USP .45 Compact.

That having been said, She got spoiled learning to shoot .45 on my expert, and I like my match grade trigger.

I am looking at a P14, and the wife is looking at a P12, if not a P14.

My questions are these...

Reliability VS my HK's. What issues do para's have out of the box that would need immediate remedy.

Taclights. What would be my options. I always carry my Expert with the UTL mounted, and have a Blade-Tech custom holster for it. I utterly disdain any of the light in the off hand shooting methods, and prefer it to be mounted. Worse comes to worse, target is illuminated, it will get hit.

Those are my first 2 questions right off the bat. I'd also appreciate any input anyone has that would be relevant to my concerns.

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i'll take that as a recommendation to stick with what i have.
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I have shot an HK USP .40 for a while, although I don't own one. I do own several 1911's including a Para LTD. IMO, 1911's require too much break in tuning and regualr fiddling to meet my requirements as a defensive pistol. I think the HK is closer, but a revolver is what I use for defense.

As to what out of box tune ups for a Para? I'd check the extractor face and polish it, then re-set the tension. Polish the feed ramp and barrel throat. That is probably the minimum needed to get it to feed reliably.

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