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Firing pin and extracter fix?/Pic included

Gentleman, first post here. I have a Para-Ordnance P14-45 Limited and it is a fine shooting pistol but I have noticed what looks like the firing pin is possibly dragging? and the extracter is marking and digging into the brass. Could someone tell me the solution and fix for this?. Would the extracter need replaced or tuned or adjusted and how would I go about adjusting it? I can strip the pistol, but dont have any knowlegde of adjusting and tuning a 1911.Thanks for any info and tips you may have....Steve.
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I thought that I would add that the load I am using is a starting load of 4.7 grians of Titegroup under a Lee 452-200-RF 200 grain cast bullet. The OAL is 1.147 with a light to medium crimp. Dont know if that will help or not.

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Firein' pin / extractor

Havein' made Myself look stupid before(never had much trouble doin' that) I shy away from photo diagnosis.
With out the pistol in hand, so on, and on,But with that said........
If the pistols runnin 100% I wouldn't worry about the scratched brass or the primer marks......Due to bad QC years back I've dodged PARAs.
Nothin' brings out problems in a pistol like shootin a USPSA match will. If there's any matches handy to You, load the 200 gr bullet to 840 fps ( to make major power factor) and see if the Para is reliable as it is.
If there are problems, might need to see a pistolsmith.....Firein' pin could be long, firein' pin spring could be weak....Scratches on brass could be typical of the extractor Para uses.
Ken Hebert has a well set up Para.....Competes with a Para, maybe He'll see this and throw His dos centavos in.

Bill Caldwell
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Does this gun have a "Power extractor" or a conventional 1911 type extractor? If it has a Power Extractor I can't help, but if conventional a Wilson "Bulletproof" or another forged brand (or a good like new GI one if you can find it anymore!)will work wonders on reliability. The cast Para firing pins and the factory spring would benefit from a nicely polished billet pin (like a Wilson Bullet proof pin) and a Wolfe spring which will come with their nice 18 pound recoil spring. These are all inexpensive items , the Wilson Bullet Proof extractors usually fit with little or no tweaking necessary and the pin should be all right to drop in if your slide is correct. Keep the factory parts for a rainy day emergency swap in.
I have the above items on my P-14 , which has 5000+ trouble free rounds on it. I also replaced the fire control parts(hammer,,sear,disconnector,main and sear springs) with well fitted new AMU issued GI 1911A1 surplus parts and fitted up a NM bushing correctly.I had Novak Nite sights put on and haven't looked back. New Para mags with new springs as needed.

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