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Para 16-40 40 S&W feed problem

HAve a Para 16 40 Todd Jarell signature in 40 s&w with a feed problem with factory ammo.

When I got it the pistol did not feed properly at all with Fiocci ammo.

The round touches the top of the chamber with the bullet, and the middle of the case at the top of the feed ramp and the back of the case at the breech area.
I took off very little at the ramp top with rounding and polishing inclusive the ramp. It bacame much better but not at all acceptable with malfunctiong at least once every magasine. Polished the entrance of the extractor and helped more.
It showed that the round was far to low when seated in the magasine and adjusted the lips and tapered the lips horisontaly. The result was round a little higher and entered the breech area sooner and all became very much better, but last round feed proble still existed. Problem was mag asine follower too low and mdified it to give a proper pressure for the last round and the last round feed problem was solved.
There is still a feed problem in my view as the feed problem arrives once every 50 round +/- and for competition use that is far too much.

My question is what can now be the reason?? I have the power extractor in the gun. Can it be a to hard tension in the extracto spring????

Answers and comments would be very much appreciated!!!

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Two questions about your feed problems. How many rounds have you tossed downrange with it ? Are you using cone ammo. I had feed problems with my LDA 16-40 and went to flat nosed but rounded bullets and solved my feed problems.
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Are the breechface and everywhere a round contacts it smooth and square all the way?

(breechface or slideface - where the rear face of a round slides up into place in front of the firing pin)

Make certain all the parts of the extractor are working freely, including the channel the extractor rests in.

With a gun field stripped, try sliding a round up the breechface as if in feeding. Do this with and without the extractor in place.

If you hold the slide horizontal with a round on its face, does the round stay in place or fall out?

Does it seem to stay too well?

Make sure the extractor is no in any way misshapen. Not just the hook.

Please let us know how it goes.
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I found that the magsprings are on the weak side. I went with the Wolff 10% mag springs and cured the majority of feed issues. then had to adjust the extractor. It was too much tension. hope this helps.Regards.
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Years ago I shot a P16-40 in competition. I received some good advise during a maiden competition from another shooter..."load long". I handloaded all my ammo so I edged out the 40's I made to nearly 10mm case OAL. No feed problems. The 1911 was designed around the 45acp cartridge which is significantly longer than 40S&W and 9mm.
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I have the same problem with my new 16-40 limited. I have no idea really but it look like while feeding a new round the extractor grabs the round and prevents the round from sliding up far enough.
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Hi Cstein, it sounds like the extractor tension is a bit much, as long as your breach face is smooth and no hangups. remove the slide and try to slide a round up the breach face, it will allow you to feel the tension. hope this helps. regards.
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Did you purchase the handgun new?
Old 03-04-2012, 07:35 AM   #9
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yeah. its like 7 days old.
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Problem with feeding solved and conclusion.
I like the looks and balance in the para and wanted it to function properly with factory ammunition. Even the short Fiocci.
Having analyzed the problem properly I discovered some very bad failures delivered with the pistol.
The barrel head was not properly matched to the gun so it did not go into battery properly.
The edges arour the input of the chamber was extremely sharp and the round got caught and did ot enter the chamber if a slight angle.
And the worst was theextractor proble or not the extractor itself but that the extractor crashed with the barrel so that it broke after some rounds.

What was done:
Rounded and the edge around the input to the chamber and polished

Had to buy a new front of the pxt. Polished the enteringside of the extractor so the round should enter without problem.

The pxt delivered with the pistol had a far to strong tension and it was difficult to adjust. The new one had a little niple which met with the slide , but the tension was too little so by slightly decreasing the height II got proper tension.

Then the main problem that the extractor extended so far out that it crashed with the barrel, or that the barrel was far to long backwards on the extractor side.

The easiest way was to grind a sort of groove in the barrel so that the extractor did not meet with the barrel when in battery. It was horrifying that this was not done at the factory as it was as much as .5 mm. so the crash with the barrel was heavy and I understand that the extractor front broke.

After the extractor work I matched the head of the barrel so that the pistol went properly into battery. ensured that the breech area was flawless.

Now I could hear the proper noise of a gun going into battery.

By trying with dummy rounds everything went flawless and even fed empty cases.

The pistol have now worked without any problems with 5000 rounds and is even more accurate than before so now I am happy. I have tried to put in empty cases and it fed those as well. extraction and ejection is very well and the cases does not have marks that indicate stress.

I am happy with the gun, but it must have been a fault from Paraordnance to deliver this on the market. Far too many faults!!
Why did I not send it back? well the shipmentcost from Noway is very high.

Positive remark is that the power extractor is very good indeed and need not adjustment when matched properly. I love the pistol now!!!

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