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Para Tactical 14 -45

Not long ago had a Tac 14-45 that would lock open with 1 round left in the mag,it happened with all 5 mags that came with the gun,the bullet rubbing on the slide stop were not the cause,empty case in the mag for the last round proved that.So here what I found the mag follower was makeing light contact with the slide stop with 1 round in the mag,I machined some off the bottom of the slide stop where the mag follower contacts it, end of problem.Next issue was feeding problems,rounds seemed to be hanging up on the Power Extractor,gave it the the once over and decided that in my opinon it has some design problems,hook should not touch the case,just the pad.I converted it to run a standard 1911 extractor now it runs 100%.Yes I could have sent it back to the factory ,but thats how I learn.Any one out there had these issues with there Para's? I was on there web sight and I think that the new Black Opps guns do not use the Power Extractor.Think there is a problem? Kimbers external extractors did not work as planned either.
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Its been a while ,no one out ther in Para land got any thing to say about this? Makes me wonder if they test fired this gun befor it left the factory? If there is a Para Factory person who would like to talk about this,post a reply,I will be intouch.
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I am not a Para employee or a Para "factory person," but I have visited the Para factory and I know that they test fire every pistol before it ships. I also know from my own experience that some problems are sporadic, so a pistol may survive the test firing of one magazine in the factory but still present problems after sale.

It is my understanding that Para has dropped the Power Extractor in favor of a heavy-duty (somewhat) conventional extractor made by Evolution Gun Works (EGW) of Pennsylvania. The EGW extractor is now sold by para as the service replacement for the Power Extractor.
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Thanks for the info. on the extractor change,if I new that they were going to have a drop in fix for the power extractor I never would have gone through all the work of making up a sleeve to put in the slide so I could run a standard 1911 extractor,but thats the way it goes.I have been to EGW,they make good stuff,George is a smart guy and was very accomodating.I ordered on of his ball head disconectors to put in the same gun,the hole is over size and it clicks when you pull the trigger,I can stake it closed,but his heads are a bit oversize,hoping it will fix the problem,we will see.He is also making a commander hammer that looks like it will work in a 1911 with a stock grip safety,very cool. If you get a chance check out ther web sight.
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I had the same exact two problems with my Para 14 45 limited. Filing the slide stop and filing the extractor hook solved it, i also keep a light oil film on the back of the slide to let th round slide better behind the extractor hook.

IMHO, para fires only one round at the factory, thus they never see this problem since it takes at least two rounds in the mag for this to happen.

Their quality control is horrible, try sending back to the factory - they'll keep your gun for 5-6 weeks at least, and no one knows how well they''ll fix it.
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Originally Posted by vachev View Post
... i also keep a light oil film on the back of the slide to let th round slide better behind the extractor hook. ...
Back of the slide? You actually mean the breech face.

Welcome to the board, vachev.

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