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I bought my Para 14-45LDA about 8yrs ago (2004) and was very excited, I thought a double stacked 1911 style with a light trigger was the coolest idea. I was initially disappointed because it jammed A LOT the first 200-300 rounds. I took it back to Turners where I got it and the guy said that's not uncommon for 1911's. I thought "that sucks"!

It eventually rans smooth, accurate and very enjoyable... until the guide rod started to become loose, the 2 peice guide rod would keep coming untreaded and eventually broke. I called Para and they sent a new one F.O.C., I thought that was cool on their part.

Since then the only issue I've had is that the magazine sometimes falls out. I know I'm not touching the mag release & I've noticed its not as positive of "click' when i insert the mag as my Beretta or Springfield XD.

Bottom Line: I like my Para, it shoots great and am not giving it up! However I would like to improve a couple of things about it.
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So have you examined the mag notch, mag catch, and engagement; then compared them to a gun that doesn't have this problem?
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Are you properly armed to attack these pistol trolls?
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Ala B ....How You know this is a troll ?....From talkin to some ShakeyState hands I didn't know Cal. people could own Hi Caps...I've never seen a para that didn't need all the mim parts replaced......Then You've still got a loose frame and slide fit an a loose barrel fit.....If this is for real , problem is probably the mag catch

Wild Bill

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