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MecGar questions (Problem?)

Hi everyone- I just received 2 MecGar mags for my P-14. I live in CA so they're 10 round mags. I seem to be having a "binding" problem with them. I can only get 4 or 5 rounds in either one- bad enough that I have a blood blister on my thumb. (I have both a p-12 and p-14 so I do have some experience with these).

I am only able to get 4 or 5 rounds in either of the mags. Seems there is a lot of binding with the spring or follower. I've emailed MecGar to see if they can help resolve. Appreciate any info you might share.

I almost seems to me that the follower was molded to accept a .40 instead of a .45- I know I must be wrong but I can't "roll" a round down from the top with my thumb and just press down.
Any opinions? Yeah I know... Ok how about this- anyone have a problem like this before? I have a 10 year old MecGar that I got with the P-14 and it works slick!
thanks for any help!
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Possibly new magazines with stiff springs.

I'd buy a magazine loading tool to help load them.
Then I'd leave the mags loaded for a month to allow the springs to take their working tension "set".
A new magazine spring will collapse slightly when fully broken in and be easier to load.

Years ago I bought a .45 Witness. The 10 round magazines were almost impossible to load without a tool, but after a month settled in so you can now load 10 rounds with just your fingers. However, I still use a tool.
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Thanks dfariswheel- It just befuddled me because the mecgar mags i have from when I bought the gun are wonderful and smooth. I'll get the loading tool and see if that helps. Mecgar was very good and is actually sending me new followers and said if that doesn't work, they will replace the mags! Very good customer service! I'll give a report on how this ends. Maybe I should stick with single stack pistols....
I too had a witness in 9mm. Bought it and took it to a very well respected gunsmith and listened for 15 minutes about why would you buy a gun that's not a Colt!! One of the very few guns I've sold!
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Wanted to let you guys know what a great customer oriented company MecGar is!!! I called their customer service department and explained the problem and they sent me 2 new followers and springs and said if that doesn't clear up the problem they will replace the magazines. It cleaned up my problem and I am a happy customer! I am a MecGar customer for life!! Thanks for the suggestions.

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