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Practice Photography

In anticipation of my little buddy returning I wanted to see if I could do a better job of getting an image of a stainless steel pistol posted. This is not a 1911 style pistol of course, just a test.

The FA has a very shiny cylinder and the frame and barrel are brushed.

The guys at Colt figured out running a 38 Special in a 1911 how about a 454 Casull ?
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your shot looks pretty good. For any shiny metal surface and photography, you can build what is called "tent lighting". This can be done several ways. You get a piece of white (or black if it is really shiny) paper, cloth, plastic, etc and make a tent over your object with the lens through a hole in the top. That will cut down on the glare of the lights and give a more flat appearance. You make the hole smaller and right against your lens if you have too much reflection. Hope this makes some sense.
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Thanks for the tip Beck. I can use all of the help that I can get.
The shot was taken outdoors in indirect sun. The blue rag background, which I should have ironed flat, extended only a short distance out of the frame. The area outside the background was pea gravel concrete.

Even a blind hog finds a few acorns. ;^)

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