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My First Home Build

Greetings all. This is my first post on this site. I own pistols from some of the big name shops, Yost-Bonitz Custom, Heirloom Precision (Burton), Condition One (Dave Erickson) and Richard Heinie. For my first post however, I thought I'd put up some pics of a work in progress.

I started with a Springfield GI, the slide was sent to Chuck Rogers to install a 10-8 Performance rear sight and a XS standard dot tritium front. I possess neither the skill, knowledge or equipment needed to cut dovetails.

The frame, though, all me. Using an Ed Brown jig, dremel tool and hand files, I cut and reshaped the grip tang to the appropriate .220 radius to fit a S&A Beavertail grip safety. All in all, I achieve a good fit and a reasonable blend, especially for my first attempt with just a fraction more of a gap on the starboard side than I would like.

Slide to frame fit was already good and I smoothed it up a little with a valve grinding compoud. The factory barrel, firing pin, firing pin stop, extractor springs were all left in place.

The trigger is a C&S long solid model. The hammer sear and disconnect are also from C&S and break very cleanly at just under 5 lbs. I fit a Wilson single sided thumb safety which still feels just a bit "mushy." I recently attended a 2 day Colt Factory 1911 Armorers class and think I know where I went wrong on the thumb safety. A new one will be on order this week and properly fitted. The MSH was an extra flat serrated one that I had laying around.

I mounted a Surefire Classic Model 310R with the pressure pad mounted over a set of Pearce rubber grips an vole' I have what I consider to be something very reminisant of the original LAPD SWAT guns.

After over 500 rounds the pistolhas gone bang each time the trigger was pressed and has fed and extracted/ejected every round. It shoots true at 25 yards.

I just touch up blued the parts where I removed metal, but plan to refinish the gun in a graphite black Cerakote. It is definitely not a work of art like those of the masters listed above, but for a copwith a little free time on his hands now and again.......

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Very NICE! Why don't you send it to me for T&E? More talent than me.
How's the new dept? Keeping your head down and watching your six I hope!
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Welcome to the Forum, Bodyarmorguy. I think you did a helluva job........
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Nice job man
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I am new here too and i love your build i am not to the point of building yet but would love to get one started.
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Welcome to the Forum, tenring71.......
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I like it! How does the ejected brass fly? Do they get dinged up with the unmodified ejection port? If you don't reload, and I don't (yet ), it doesn't matter, just curious!


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