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Late night visitors in the shop.

It's that time of year again.

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Neat pix. Looks to me like the type of spider that doesn't hurt people, but is very handy at removing other bugs. I would catch it and put it outside.
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I rather like spiders. They don't give me the heebie-jeebies the way they do for some people. I also respect the fact that all of'em are venomous, and that even the ones not considered "deadly" can cause some pretty nasty reactions for most people.

Our biggest two home invaders are Hobos and the little "jumping" variety that seek out and prey on the Brown Recluse spiders that aren't welcome. The Hobos can cause bad reactions for many people...not so bad for others. Most Hobo bites respond to oral antibiotics and the rare one requires lancing/draining, injections and an oral regimen. It usually depends on the size of the spider and the volume of venom. The jumpers, I leave alone. The Hobos, I catch and release.

I very occasionally encounter a Black Widow. They do give me pause, because I've been bitten. The Black Widow bite will redefine pain and put you in another dimension for about 48 hours, but is rarely fatal, even untreated. About all they can do is zap you with enough morphine and muscle relaxant drugs to stagger a draft horse anyway. Beyond that, it just has to run its course.

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