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cwo4uscgret 10-27-2019 08:05 AM

1957 Colt National Match
Last November I stopped in my favorite local gun shop here in San Antonio. The owner asked me "You know about Colts don't you?" I said a little, what's up?

He held a Colt three digit serial numbered National Match .45 that at first look could have probably been sold in the $1,500 range. It was made in 1957 the year Colt reintroduced the NM Pistols. Unfortunately when he flipped the other side of the gun over I was almost overcome by the inhumanity...the previous owner admitted to using a straight slot screwdriver to remove the slide stop; more then once. The owner wanted it consigned at $1,500; my friend said he'd put it on the website at that price but not in the display case. I said tell him I'll give him $700 cash for it. The next day I got a call - come get your gun!

More then a couple of years ago I sent a 1952 Government Model with spare .38 Super top end to Greg Derr who worked his magic to refinish them so I figured Greg could do the same with this gun. Greg did not disappoint - here are some before and after photos of the gun:



After Greg's Magic


Thanks Greg!

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