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Short trigger help...source/fitting

I called Brownells yesterday looking to get a short trigger and I was informed that they don't have any solid short triggers available since Casull isn't making them. They are looking for a new source. Anyone know of another source for a good short solid trigger?

I haven't fit one before but it looks fairly straight forward, I just file the top and bottom of the pad right? I'm somewhat confused about putting the 45 degree angle on the back bottom of the bow though. Can someone explain that to me? Is it necessary?

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I think Kings Gun Works sells the short trigger. And when you fit an oversized trigger, metal is usually removed much more from the top than the bottom. That little bevel on the bottom of the stirrup is to make some clearance for the center leaf of the case the particular spring touches it, which isn't common, but does happen.

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You can get short triggers at too.

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