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Help Regarding A King's Custom

I just acquired what was sold to me (for a very reasonable price) 'bought it new, never shot it, put in the safe couple years ago, found it cleaning out the back of the safe, so put it up for sale' King's Gun Works S/S Officer's Model. The gun came with the original build sheet, with ser #, full list of what it was built on (Caspian Slide and Frame) and the full list of King's parts, virtually all the bells and whistles including their signature tiny comp at the end of the barrel and their very distinctive logos on the slide. Found a picture of the identical gun at page 53 of the 2000 edition of Simpson's THE CUSTOM GOVERNMENT MODEL PISTOL, which refers to them as put together at Al's Shop in Glendale.

The gun turned out to be as advertised. New and unfired. It had been stored properly, so a quick takedown to check it (and admire the workmanship, which was first rate) lube and shoot, again very impressive.

So here is the question: I called King's and gave them the serial no and asked when it was built. They said they didn't keep those records, and that they no longer build the gun as it is not 'legal in California.' Pressing the man on the phone, who was very pleasant, he said the best guess he had was that the gun was 'several years old, at least.'

Does anyone know when these guns were built and who did the work out there? Neat little gun, and comp takes a bit of the edge off hotter rounds without too much blast and noise. But info seems to be scarce so whatever you have will be appreciated. Dave
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Isn't there a date on the build sheet? Other than that, your guess is as good as anyones. Kings has been in business for many years. Al Capone originally ran the shop and his son later took over when Al retired. I don't know if they had other gunsmiths working there or not. They may still build them on Colt Series 80 pistols but not on Caspian frames. CA now has strict laws on selling handguns that pass the State's drop safety test.

You might be able to get a production date for the frame from Caspian.
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Just MIGHT offer to pay - same as the majors for letters.

There may well be a 4473 or other record available but asking a shop to take time away from paying work for anxiously waiting customers to do a favor may be asking a little more than they can afford to give away free.

Although I've heard some of the smiths find it insulting to be offered just money to jump the queue - as opposed to a real service related need - I'd guess few are insulted by the offer of honest money.

If it's a bad idea somebody will be along to tell me so.
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No date on the build sheet. I may just run the frame number past Caspian to see when they built it (I know they have those records.)

In any event, it shots like a dream, very accuate and functions well. I am sad to hear that it's builder past away recently but feel that it is a privilege to have something so nice that he left behind. Best wishes for the New Year folks. Dave

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